How To Speak Dothraki


Sometimes, you stumble upon something so awesome on the web, you cannot help but want to share it with everyone you know. Today, that is this “How To Speak Dothraki” video done in form of those Muzzy videos from the 90’s. You either know what we are talking about or don’t here, there is no middle of the road. Well, for those who do remember those Muzzy videos, and are Game of Thrones fans as well, this is going to make you very happy.

Basically, what we have here is “How To Speak Dothraki”, as done in the same manner as the Muzzy videos we used to see commercials of in the 90’s. you know, that animated character who said he could teach kids how to speak different languages? Yes, this is just like that, only with more of a Game of Thrones spin on it.

Enough talk, check it out for yourself.

There are many things I could say right now (not in Dothraki quite yet, unfortunately), but the main one I want to focus on is just how awesome an animated Khal Drogo is. You really need to be a child of the 90’s to appreciate just how great this video is. I take great comfort in knowing that the same stuff that made a huge impression on me in my youth made a huge impression on some other people as well.

Seriously, Muzzy meets Game of Thrones for the win.

[Photo via Macall B. Polay]

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