Tim Burton Style Game of Thrones Fan Art

First of all, why are the eyes in anything associated with Tim Burton so huge and sad? Each character looks like they’re about two steps away from throwing themselves from a balcony while bemoaning the fact that life is just too hard. In Game of Thrones it might be that way but it still begs the question as to why any and all Tim Burton animated characters seem to need these big, haunted eyes that seem to have seen something so terrible that they won’t ever be able to forget it. The trauma that’s so clear in these eyes is absolutely horrifying. In Daenerys’s case however I suppose she could sat on a spike without looking.

When you’re betrayed by your brothers of the Night’s Watch and are okay with it that says that you weren’t much of a commander. Or was he giving the thumbs up for the accuracy and placement of the thrust? It’s hard to know with Jon Snow since he’s so melancholy all the time to begin with.

The Night King looks absolutely perplexed as to why he’s there and what he’s doing. Of course this is the same look that first time fathers sometimes get when their spouse leaves them alone with the baby for more than a few minutes. I’d hate to think of who the mother could be in this equation.

This is part of why the Tim Burton look, though impressive, just doesn’t work in GoT. Varys is always looking sly and as a rule does not widen his eyes all that much. Tyrion is about the same way and only widens his eyes when he sees trouble, if then. This might have been his look had his brother actually been roasted in his armor by Drogon.

Even with the wide, haunted eyes Cersei looks about the same. That overconfident sneer never seems to leave her face no matter if she’s happy, sad, angry, or just hanging out. It’s like it was surgically implanted so that it would never fade, dull, or chip.

Well they got Arya right at least. The Hound not so much. Between the two the Hound usually looks the most sullen and ready to cut someone limb from limb for just speaking to him. Arya on the other hand had to come by that sullen look through a few seasons of hardship.

The eyes yes, the mouth no. Melisandre has always been a rather calm person in the show but her expression has only ever moved into neutral it would seem, eschewing any real emotion in favor of staying as calm and expressionless as possible.

Both of these seem to be about right. The Mountain has the mind of a vegetable and will do what he’s told as of now. But Joffrey was something else. A sadist, a momma’s boy, and of course a very poor excuse for a king. In fact this kind of reminds me of how he looked when he died.

I think Hodor had at least a little more light in his eyes than this. Here he looks like Bran just warged into him and can’t yet figure out how to get the big guys legs and arms to work. For the part of Bran it looks like he just got tossed off the tower.

This is the look that Sansa had a few times during the show’s first seven seasons. When her father was killed, when Joffrey was cruel to her, when she got sold to the Boltons, and so on. Petyr obviously cared only about what he could get and how he could maneuver people to get his way. Sneaky Littlefinger.

There’s really no need to go into much detail with this one. Tormund is smitten and Brienne just isn’t so sure. Now we have to wonder if Tormund will stay alive long enough to tell Brienne just how he feels.

Photos by Andrew Tarusov


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