Watch HBO’s 14 Minute Game of Thrones Season Four Preview

Game of Thrones season four is coming, and it can’t come soon enough. While it’s still a few more weeks and months until spring, HBO has released the largest, longest look at the series to date with this massive 14 minute preview video you can check out above.

I think the most amazing part about this is that they managed to get through the entire thing without even a hint of spoilers, except of past seasons of course. Given the fact that very major things happy very early in the season, that’s impressive.

While there’s a lot of new footage from the season, a lot of the video is also the cast talking about the show, with their favorite characters, quotes, deaths, and so on.

Knowing what happens in the second half of Storm of Swords, this season is going to be incredible. I’m not sure anything can compare to the Red Wedding, but we’ll get pretty damn close this year, that’s for sure.

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