Why I Am All About Watching Game of Thrones At The Movie Theater


So this past Sunday’s Game of Thrones is when it hit me. As dumb as the “would you watch Game of Thrones weekly at a movie theater” question seemed to me at first, I changed my mind. Yes, I would. Would I pay as much as a movie? No way. I think five bucks a head would be fair. But would I have spent five bucks to see this last episode in the theater? Heck yeah, and I have multiple reasons why.

First reason, Neil Marshall (who directed the most recent episode) is a brilliant director (The Descent), and some of the moments he pulled of deserved a bigger screen so we could understand the true scope. There was an undeniable The Two Towers Battle for Helms Deep feel to the whole episode, and it would have only been that much more awesome and visceral on the big screen, almost all-encompassing.

Next up, camaraderie. It would be like a showing of Rocky Horror in the sense that all the Game of Thrones fans would be able to react together, in unison. There are few things in life as gratifying as yelling out OOOhhhhhhh after a particularly violent scene, only to hear a gaggle of others around you react the same way.

I know to some it seems like a money grab, and to others, they would just rather stay home. But this is an epic show, with an epic cast and some amazing sets and moments. At least give us an option of seeing it on the big screen for a few episodes and kept us judge for ourselves if it works or not?

After the most recent episode, I am likely to think it would.

[Photo via HBO]

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