Whose Bright Idea Was It to Schedule the Game of Thrones Premiere on Top of the Walking Dead Finale?

Paul March 29, 2013 3


I just now realized that not only are The Walking Dead finale and the Game of Thrones premiere scheduled on the same night, they’re actually airing at the exact same time! 9PM.

I realize that’s the slot of choice for most epic Sunday programs from Dexter to Breaking Bad and so on, but really, someone couldn’t have made an adjustment just for one night?

Of course, since this is 2013, this isn’t really a huge problem for the viewer. Obviously one can be DVR-ed while the other is watched live or close to it. Both can easily be watched in the same night.

Buuuuut the problem for the shows are that each is going to take a hit in their viewer numbers they get to report. I can’t think of two shows that have more overlapping audiences than The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

The Walking Dead has to win out ratings wise in either case because it’s on AMC, a cable channel, while Game of Thrones is on HBO, a pay channel that far less people have. But if the news story is suddenly “Game of Thrones premieres to dropping ratings!” we’ll know exactly why that is. I imagine it won’t be a problem in the weeks to follow, however.

So, which to watch first?

Option 1: The Walking Dead


This is probably going to be what I’m doing. I’ll watch The Walking Dead first because it’s the show I’ve been watching for the last few months straight. I think it would be better to finish it off before embarking on a new season of Game of Thrones, which will now take up the next ten weeks.

Option 2: Game of Thrones


That said, I’m much more excited about Game of Thrones as a series than I am about The Walking Dead overall. I might not be able to contain myself, and if I can watch it an hour earlier than I would otherwise, maybe I’ll take that opportunity. Actually, watching The Walking Dead second might give me a better chance to reflect on the impact of the finale rather than jumping straight into Game of Thrones after. Something to consider.

Option 3: Both!

Watch Game of Thrones during the commercial breaks of The Walking Dead on HBO Go on your laptop (are they doing the premiere live again this year online?) You know, it’ll be one of those “multi-screen viewing experiences” we’re always hearing so much about.

So, which will you choose to watch first, if you have both channels?

  • Tyler

    Walking Dead!

  • dave

    game of thrones

  • bryan

    you should watch walking dead first, a season finale spoiler is much worse than a season premiere spoiler!