Yet Another New Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer

HBO is rolling out new footage after new footage for the new season of Game of Thrones, all the while keeping the biggest secrets of the season under wraps. We’ve seen a few teasers, a trailer and a fifteen minute behinds the scenes feature so far, and now we’re getting yet another two-minute trailer called “Vengeance.”

Even with us being shown a lot of footage so far, there’s more to see in this new spot. It’s pretty action-oriented, and perhaps most importantly, features Jaime’s fantastic new haircut. Though to be fair he could have cornrows and he’d still be good-looking.

The footage ends with a ghostly White Walker, but might that actually be Coldhands from the book? I can’t tell from the limited clip, but I’m leaning toward Walker based on the fact that I think Coldhands is supposed to be shrouded, not parading his undead face around. But we shall see.

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