General Hospital: Amy Finds Out Maxie is Pregnant

General Hospital fans know that Maxie is expecting, but Amy doesn’t know. She has no idea that Nathan and Maxie are having a baby, and she’s going to put two and two together before long. She’s going to see them leaving the hospital where they were just at a doctor’s appointment to check on the health of their sweet baby, and she’s going to see them come out. She won’t need much more than just a few moments to realize that they are expecting, and we don’t know how she will feel about this when she realizes it’s true.

She will make it a point to tell them that she’s happy for them and congratulate them, but it won’t be something we think she means. We think she’s being nice to their face and that she might not be very happy about the situation at all. There is a chance she feels for Nathan.

If this is true, she’s certainly unstable. She might do whatever she can to find a way to make her mind up and get what she wants from these two. She might want him for herself, and she might not want him to have a baby with Maxie. But these two don’t have a great marriage as it is. He’s not entirely sure how he feels about her, though the idea of having a baby has changed his mind a bit about his wife. We will see how this unfolds.

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