General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Coming for Nelle?

General Hospital fans know that Nelle makes poor choices, but we think her newfound desire to take down people who are far older and more mature than she is a big problem. She’s got a lot of problems taking down Carly, but she’s feeling so good about it she cannot stop bragging about it to Ava. Ava, on the other hand, knows that taking on the Corinthos family is one of the worst ideas you could ever have. It’s one of those things you cannot handle in any way, shape or form. You cannot make things change if people don’t want them to change.

So there’s that. And there is the fact that she’s now turning on Ava, who is the only person she’s managed to befriend. We know that Joss is not really thinking things Nelle would like her to think. Michael is horrified that he is having a baby with her – and we are positive this baby is not his to begin with.

But there is a lot more going on that we can imagine will turn upside down for her before much longer. She’s also taking on Ava right now, and that’s a mistake. She’s messing with two strong women who are not afraid of a little girl who has no experience in the same game. In fact, we think Carly and Ava might even work together to make this situation come to a very abrupt end if Ava decides she’s done with it in the near future.

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