New Trailer for Season 3 of Girls


HBO has just debuted a new trailer for season three of Girls, the show everyone loves to love, loves to hate and whatever a combination of the two of those would be. For only being twenty minutes long, I think it generates more controversy and conversations than anything else on TV, and I’ve gotten through all two seasons through all their ups and downs.

This trailer doesn’t really give many plots away, other than the fact that Adam and Hannah are together for likely most of this season. Everything is struggling with some sort of self-identity crisis, but that’s really par for the course for this show, so nothing too terribly surprising there.

The show comes back January 12th when HBO will show two episodes back to back. That’s about 44 minutes of awkward cringing, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. If she keeps Q-tips away from her ears this season, that will really help a lot with that.

Do you like Girls, despite the fact it’s almost “cool” to not like it now?

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