UPDATE!!!!: Something’s Missing In The Glee: Season One – Road To Sectionals DVD Sets…

Mark O. Estes December 30, 2009 1

Got your copy of Glee: Season One – Road to Sectionals? Great! (Hate you.) Did you find a voucher in there? No? Well, you’re not alone.

About a month ago, TV Shows On DVD and Variety reported that owners of the recently released Glee DVDs should have expected a voucher for the future release of Glee: The Complete First Season so that buyers wouldn’t have to double dip and have two sets of the first thirteen episodes of FOX’s runaway hit. But readers of TV Shows On DVD have reported that the sets they bought or received are voucherless(!), as if Sue Sylvester herself pulled a Grinch, stealing the vouchers in her latest attempt at stopping the Gleeks of William McKinley High from spreading love and all that other warm fuzzy crap.

So what gives? As of this writing, no one knows what happened to the vouchers, but best believe we will keep you posted as soon as we find out more. But one question remains for me, if we did use the vouchers, then what would happen to the Road To Sectionals DVD sets?

UPDATE!!!!!!! FOX Home Entertainment Comments!!!!

Contrary to the Variety article, sources associated with FOX tell us that there aren’t any vouchers, because there NEVER WERE ANY VOUCHERS to begin with. As far as future releases goes, there is no information yet on whether the next DVD will be a full season release or if they will continue with a Volume 2 release to keep up the trend. Time can only tell. So put down your pitchforks and torches and enjoy those Glee DVDs, while I hate on you guys till I get my very own copy tomorrow!!!

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