Glee Season 3 Spoilers

Glee Season 3 SpoilersUpdated: A ton of new season 3 spoilers have poured in (including some unexpected news about Chord Overstreet not returning next year). To read more, click here.

I don’t think I’m the only person frustrated with Glee after the second season. After starting off with a promising premiere last fall, the show seemed to flounder. It continued to be the most inconsistent show on television, but the characters also seemed to have split personalities and the show ventured into public-service announcements instead of being a fun show about music and outcasts.

The second season finale – which had New Directions traveling to New York City to compete in Nationals – ended with the glee club not even making it into the top 10. The kids were unprepared and distracted before their performances and while I thought their performances were good on stage, the judges didn’t agree they were good enough.

There were a few bright spots, though. Rachel and Finn got back together (and crazy Quinn seems to have toned down the attitude for the time being), there was an adorable scene between Kurt and Blaine towards the end and – shocker! – Mercedes and Sam seem to be a new couple.

So what’s in store for season 3 of Glee? Well, EW got some scoop from executive producer Brad Falchuk.

Sam and Mercedes: An unlikely relationship between these two was hinted in the season 2 finale when we saw them holding hands. Falchuk says this will be explored more in season 3 and the origin of their relationship stems from the recent prom episode.

New York, New York: Rachel spent a lot of time in the Glee finale talking about how she wanted to leave Ohio and go to college in New York. Apparently this will be addressed again in season 3. We know that members of the current cast are close to graduation will eventually depart the show. Will Rachel and Kurt head to New York like they want?

Santana Explores Her Sexuality: The producers aren’t rushing the story about Santana coming out of the closet, even though she admitted her feelings to Brittany. They spent a lot of season 2 focusing on Kurt being out and didn’t want to throw Santana’s own storyline into that mix. Apparently she’ll get more of a focus in season 3.

Will and Emma: In the end, the writers decided to focus the Glee finale on Rachel and Finn. A scene was filmed between Will and Emma, but we only saw a glimpse of them together at the end of the finale and the other scenes were edited out. However, with the two of them now single, expect them to get some action with each other in season 3.

New Writing Staff: Until now, there’s really only been three writers for Glee – the three co-creators and producers. In my opinion, this actually accounts for most of the inconsistency in the show, because each script (depending on who it’s written by), seems to have its own tone for the show and the characters that differ from other scripts/episodes. However, Falchuk says that they plan to hire more writers for next season. There’s no telling now how that might affect the show and its tone, but I’m hoping it will result in a more consistent end result.

Updated: For more spoilers about Glee season 3, including which cast members will graduate next year, click here.

Glee will return with its third season in the fall on Fox.

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  • Sarina Sayer

    awwwwwwwww!! That makes me MAD that they edited out the Will and Emma scenes. I know they wanted it to be about Finn and Rachle which is great but they still could have kept them in there:(((( But i can wait for season 3!!:D

  • gleek

    what happened to beth? they never mentioned her in season two. will she ever be back? will quinn and puck ever get back together? or quinn and sam? will puck and quinn go visit beth?

    • gleek 2

      beth is with rachel's mom she adopted the child

    • Jess

      Sam will not be in Season 3

  • Alicee

    AHHH! :D

    I can't wait for season 3!

    This series has been soooo amazing! I really hope Rachel and Kurt don't leave…:(

    That would be soo sad and it just wouldnt be the same </3

    I don't want Glee to ever end, lol.

    For the time being, at least we know there's a season 3!! (:

    And yes, what happened to Beth? I really wanna see how she looks now. I hope they revisit her character in the upcoming season. :)

    • Caro

      From Argentina!!!! I really love glee…I don't want it to change…They should all stay the same!!!!please!!!!…I can't wait for the 3rd season!!!Hurry UPPPPPPPPP you are killing me!

      • Dreeaa

        Beth got adopted by Rachels biological mother you know the one that appeared as the vocal adrenalines teacher.. i forgot her name but yea beth got adopted by her

        • Wicked

          Shelby Corcoran

    • mell
  • cutelady

    Im pissed i think Finn and Quinn should be a couple!!!!!

    screw RACHEL!!!!!!! i HATE her


    • maxxfrizz

      ohhhhhh plzzzz, finchel is the best…….

    • #1 gLeek

      I hate Quin Quinn!!!!!!!!!

      Finchel forever!


      • #1 gLeek

        i also hate her (quinn) voice

        not powerful

      • syifaaak

        oh please don't judge someone

        • FINCHEL!!!! FOREVER!

          She has a right to judge her she is right!!!! FINCHEL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

          -gleek forever!

      • http://gleeseason2spioliers merveduran

        and i hate you

    • syifaaak

      hey i love FUINN and FINCHEL. I can not choose between them because they're so amazing

    • BrianaaMarie

      I freaking love Rachel and Finn. <3 Rachel might be obnoxious as times, but Finchels the Power couple. always have, always will beee

      • Alex

        Thank you!

    • FuinnLova

      I agree I LOVE fuinn and HATE finchel !

    • Caro

      No way!

    • suze

      i love finn and quinn together, it's annoying to see how rachel is desperate all the time to separate quinn and finn. She'll do anything to have him and when she has the chance she doesn't want him. Rachel is talented but really brainless.

    • Alex

      NO!!!! Cutelady your thinking horrible! Quinn is a physco! Or however you spell it! Rain (Rachel and Finn) Are awesome!!!! THEY SHOULDNT CHANGE A THING ABOUT RAIN IN SEASON 3!

  • dizzy


  • Krys

    I agree with Gleek up there ^^^


    It would be sorta awesome to bring Beth back into the mix :D



  • Raspberry

    Im looking forward to more santana and britt in the 3rd season. :D

  • maxxfrizz


  • maxxfrizz


  • Gleekeritis

    i loveeeeeeee, finn and rachel. i would love to see puck and quinn together.

    Sam and Brittany are pretty cuteeee(:

  • Ashley

    I WANT WEMMMA! ugh. I personaly think season 1 was so much better. It took time to focus on all the characters and relationships equally. Maybe because they were just introducing the show? idk! But season 2 was all about everyone being in a wrong relationship with the wrong people. wth!? I want happy Glee to come back and hopefully a better season 3. We've seen all the characters at there highest and lowest and only Will and Emma at there worst, obviously they love each other and i want to see that grow but for real this time. I dont think hooking them up and having 1 steady realtionship will hurt Glee. Its not even like they will have a perfect realtion ship. Hooking will and emma up will show us how emma will cope and change and evolve letting someone special in her life. I think all that will be super fun to see!

  • tai

    I agree that Finn and Rachel had too many singing parts, glee season 2 was great though, but I do think that they should focus less on Rachel and Finn.

  • Lisa

    I believe that the writers shuld focus a little bit more on the other stories we love like wemma, or klaine, this season was a lot of feeless drama (finchel), Speaking for myself, I completely dislike the idea of Sam and Mercedes together…

  • #1 gLeek

    i really love quam

    and i really hate mercedese and sam

    • Squeeze

      Although I agree with the love for quam, I think samades could be a good combo – i'd love to see more of mercedes and i love the diva she brings to glee and the way she puts rachel down. more hell to the no!!

      • Lynaia

        Samades is the besttt! Even though it was surprising. I hate Quinn though and she disgusts me. Mercedes would never do anything to hurt Sam! Even though they don't look like cookie cutter couple, they are still a cute one :D

  • #1 gLeek

    do you think that fin and rachel will have s** on season 3 or 4?

    • ilovefinchel

      i think rachel will finally lose her virgnity to finn and finn doesnt use protect and she get pregant and he say her to marry him and she said yes

      • FuinnNoFinchel

        Um ilovefinchel why would you think that my the first part but Rachel won't get pregnant they already did the preggers story line they wont do it again accept I hear there doing it again with quinn and with Finns but Finn and Quinn are mention to be hate finchel I agree with same old story exept Finn and Quinn together and no Rachel getting knocked up

        • Finchel Love

          This is going to sound odd but I really do hope Finn and Rachel will do it. But I doubt she will get preggers. Finn may be a bit of a tool at times but he's not stupid enough for pretection and plus Rachel would probably be on the pill. But I really, really, REALLY hope he's goes after her to go to New York! It would be Klaine and Finchel in the big city! :D Ahhhhhhhhhhh FINCHEL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Finchel <3 <3 <3

    • Y'all are just sick talking about this! Do you have nothing better to do than talk about the sex life of tv show characters? To me, that sounds kind of perverted.

  • fiu

    For your information, this TV series really really inspire me about my day. I did join the choir club in my school, but, I don't think that it's cool becuase I'm the only guy there and almost give up.

    but this series inspire to keep going and find people to join like when Mr. Shuecster went all over the school and found Finn in the shower singing, lol.

    anyway, WHEN THE HELL THAT NEW DIRECTION WIN NATIONAL? It really annoys me that they didn't win in season 2, and also annoys me that the final episode of season 2 is the same with season 1 that show that they're lost.

    actually I agree that the duet between Finn and Rachel should be renewed by another member. I prefer Santana and Puck take over it or maybe Mercedes and Sam cause Mercedes had a great powerfull sound and great with sense of humor :p. I hope that Sunshine back to McKinley, cause her voice is awesome too, I prefer Sunshine's voice than Rachel

  • fiu

    what will happen to Sue a.k.a coach Sylvester and coach Beiste in season 3??? LOL

    • Squeeze

      Would it not be the funniest storyline if there was a bit of Beistester going on int he 3rd?!?! HAHAHAHA….

      • Boo


        What does that mean?  I am konfruzed.

  • fiu

    I agree, I hpoe that glee will come to Indonesia

  • yammie

    I totally agree with that GLEEK up there as well.  WHERE IS BETH???  I mean, Puck said he loved Quinn in season 1 finale, and quinn like smiled and stuff, so why has there not been any action between them in season 2? I really hope there is sme in season 3! LOVE GLEE EITHER WAY THOUGH! 

  • fruit

    is ur name carmela? or katie. you act like someone i know

  • Vilma

    Ah, What about Jesse? :)

  • Felix

    I want kurtofsky!!! im in love with Daves character, and the powerful performance between him and kurt makes me want to keep watching. It's one of my favorite parts of the show, so i hope that it gets expanded on a whole lot :) love u chris and max :)

    • Boo

      Me 2.

  • FuinnLova

    I loveeee fuinn sorry but I HATE finchel but I agree with every thing else

    • FuinnNoFinchel

      Don't like finchel you should like fuinn and puckleberry (Rachel and Puck) lol

      • Meg Xx

        Or St.Berry. They were cute even if it was all a big setup. I do believe he truly loved her.

  • FuinnLova

    I love fuinn and puckleberry and barty and SAMtana I know she is not strait but that can change

    Quam is cute to but fuinn is cuter

  • FuinnNoFinchel

    Go Fuinn I hate finchel

    • XP

      You're stupid. Bashing people for their opinions. Finchel is dumb anyway, just like you :D

  • quam lover foreva

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee quam when they broke up i felt nike crying i hate fachel and fuinn


  • mika

    Yeah, i really don't like Finn. I think is corey's falt. he isnt good singer and actorin my opinion

    I didn't like season 2 too.

    I think the glee writers and creators should focus the history. Is

    I swear to god… If glee doesn’t get better I won't watch this anymore.

  • nunya

    i don't like it how the writers focus on the same people.  I love all the characters and want to see all of them shine!  What ever happened to Tina, Mike, Artie?  They only focused on Artie in season 2 because he was dating Brittany, a character they continuously focus on.  Another reason this season kind of brought me down was because Rachel was really all they focused on.  Forget the same people, try person! I really expect this season to rise above the rest and that the writers will give the other characters a chance.

    • Annaa

      I want more focus on mike and tina! 

      Tike ftw

  • cut_blk_queen

    Why does Mercedes have to be with a black football player? A black football player will be the best thing for her? I like the fact that she is with Sam. He was making bad joke and acting a goof and she didn't care or put him down like Quinn and Santana. She actually laughed at his bad jokes. I like the couple…

    • luka87

      I agree.  I LOVE SAM AND MERCEDES!

  • Bella

    Finchel is great, Finn and Rachel. But honestly, Finn has been a total douche to Rachel. HE WENT OUT WITH QUINN RIGHT AFTER THEY BROKE UP AND THAN BEGS FOR HER BACK. Correcy me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a total douche.

    Personally, I hate Finn and Quinn, AND Rachel and Finn. Finn should start seeing some new girl.

    I like Jesse and Rachel. I  know he dumped eggs on her, but he even said it was one big regret, and compared to how many mistakes Finn made to Jesse, yea it's not that bad. You could tell he was very sorry about what happened, and that he means the best for Rachel. Unlike Finn who needed "time" to accept Rachel's apology (or so he say) but end up getting back with Quinn. WHO UH LIED TO YOU.

    Jesse and Rachel forever. I WANT MORE JESSE. =0

  • ryuusei

    NEEDS MORE KLAINE!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

  • Haley

    FINCHEL 4 EVER !!!!! It must stay that way !!!!! Finchel better have kids eventually in a glee season and keep them and such !!!!! Finchel is sooo cute together !!! All my friends love finchel!!!! Keep them together and let them have lots of romance ! Me , my friends, and many others will agree finchel 4 ever and that all the episodes on glee are so much better when they are together and they need to have kids in a season and of course keep them and such .

    • You must have two friends then…

  • Kayla

    ….. I am going to be really sad when this season ends… I don't know how I will manage without Chris colfer and Darren criss… And I don't see how the show could be the same without Cory or Lea…

  • Myat Noe

    I want Sam and Quinn together.They made a great couple!!!!

  • DistnantCityLight

    I didn't feel satisfied at he end of Season 2. .

    I FIGURED OUT WHY QUINN HAS KIND OF BEEN A B*TCH LATELY. Okay, in her very last scene she said "I just want to be loved" I think I know whyhe craves love so much: HER FATHER. The last time she ever saw her father they got into a big fight about her pregnancy. Then her parents got divorced and she hasn't seen him since. SHE'S CRAVING THE LOVE OF HER FATHER!!! I want him back on the show so they can resolve each others conflicts.  Oh, and by the way, did Quinn's mother ever figure out who the baby's father REALLY was? And I want Puck and Quinn back together. And I don't want Finchel to break up AGAIN cause that  would just be REALLY annoying.

    I want Kurt and Kurofsky to get together. Cause they just have so much more chemistry than Kurt/Blaine in my opinion. Also Kurofsky would come out of the closet. And I want Britanna together.

    And I looooove Samedes.

  • FireBird

    is it so much to just want Quinn and Sam back together? Im all for interaci relationships but Mercedes's and Sam's personalities just dont go. As for Finchel, I could care less. Ive always prefered Rachel w/ Jesse. I just find Finn annoying.

  • KraziiIsMe

    KURT/BLAINE ALL THE WAY!!! I think they have SUCH a great relationship! They are obviously comfortable with each other, and I love how you can tell they obviously care about each other. I'm always happy when a Kurt/Blaine scene comes on (although Kurt is my favorite character so I'm usually happy if he's on screen at all…), and I love their chemistry

  • lizz

    glee is starting to have to much plot it needs to stop and have singing thats what its known for not it stupid petty plot

  • banana797

    NO SHE DOESNT, give me proof!!

  • kim1

    plz i beg who ever owns glee to make sam and mercedes be a big shot i wanna see them kiss and fall inlove she really desevres some love man.

  • fuinn forever

    think about it, finn love more the beauty of quinn and when they kiss, they have the fellings of '' fireworks''… finn only chose rachel for her voice? really!! go fuinn :D they are really cute togheter <3

  • Mia

    so what happens after season 3? is it true that they're gonna have a whole new cast, when all glee members graduate? honestly, I'd rather follow their college lives than watch some new bunch of kids in WMHS. Or, they can keep the show being about a high school show choir and replace all the cast BUT at the same time they HAVE TO give me a spin-off about Rachel and Kurt and their life in New York.

    As for season 3, I hope they keep Finn and Rachel together, though I'm pretty sure they will struggle with her determination to leave to New York. And probably there will be some sex storyline about Rachel finally losing her virginity.

    I really wanna Mercedes and Sam to work out. She deserves love already. And they must introduce a new guy for Quinn. Tina and Mike are adorable, I hope they last. And actually, even though I really love Finchel, I loved Puck and Rachel together. I mean, he's so sweet with her, he called her his little Jewish princess or whatever. And she calls him Noah. They truly have a connection. So I wouldn't mind a little something between them either.

  • Sidney

    NEED MORE BRITTANA!!!!!! They are meant to be!!! I want them together!!!!

  • rai

    PUCKLEBERRY!!!! they just rocks. finn is a dumb egotistical boy.

  • Kei

    i want QUAM to be back in the 3rd season..they are so cute together and i want Beth to be back on track Lol ;p

  • 247Gleek

    I liked the story where Archie wanted to be on the football team: EQUALITY!!!!

    I ship Will/Rachel

    ***Gleek since 2001 – beat that***

    • One, that's not even possible…and two, that would never happen in real life. That was just poor writing. His name is also Artie.

  • ilovefinchel

    finn and rachel should do it and they have a baby and they keep it and they stay together forever and he ask her to marry him and she said yes that would be awsome

  • gleek23

    I love Sam and Quinn, I want them to get back together!

  • whats wrong with you

    You people really need to get your priorities straight. Rachel and Finn are meant to be together. Mercedes and Sam are going to be great to be together. And this season could have been better but the third is going to be the best ever. And please stop saying cuss words you never know but children could be reading this blog

    • Dreeaa

      i agree with you and i am 10 years old i dont like bad words and i LOVE glee its like i cant live without glee!! and i am SUPER mad that cory m is with taylor s i wished that he was with lea m.

  • kelli

    OMG OMG! Im freakin out, i need glee back now…. But i really dont want the cast to graduate :0 I think Ryan should split there year into two seasons so we can keep the gang longerrr

  • Annaa

    It says om "List of Glee episods"-wiki site:

    <a title="Harry Shum, Jr." href=",_Jr.&quot; rel="nofollow">Harry Shum, Jr., who portrays <a title="Mike Chang" href="; rel="nofollow">Mike Chang, has reportedly been promoted to a main cast member

    Is it true???

    • MusicMajor

      If the whispers are true, he gets singing lessons over the summer to match his massive dancing talent.

  • MusicMajor

    hatever happened to Coach Beist?? After "Blame It On The Alcohol" she never came back! I liked the connection her and Will made.

  • C

    I can't believe I just read all these comments. I love glee a much as the next person. But are you all insane??? The majority of you sound like delusional children. Seriously, grow up please.

  • LiLo…RiRi

    the only thing i care about is that santana and brittany will be together next season! please make it happen!!!! GO BRITTANA OR SANTITTANY

    ps: i'm italian, sorry for my bad english

  • meiyee

    Please write more about Emma and Will in Season 3 and let them have a steady relationship.  Their constantly dancing around each other and keep bringing third parties btw them is tooooo much, enough already, it's so frustrating to see them like this in the last 2 seasons.  And I'm soooo disappointed how the writer simply did a scene at the end of Season 2 to send us a unclear message that they were sort of together, that I'm not even sure about becoz he was just drapping his arm over her shoulder and didn't clearly state that they are indeed together.

  • glee fan

    Kristin Chenoweth. Idina Menzel. Same episode.

    It must happen.

  • Wicked

    I agree with glee fan. Shelby Corcoran needs to come back. The way she left on the show was crazy. She's Rachel's MOM, there is so much to build on. I'm thinking that she MIGHT on an episode or two because of what they said on The Glee Project when Idina Menzel guest judged. They really made it sound like the character wasn't done. I really hope I'm right! Who agrees? Maybe in the same episode where you meet her dads. Or, Maryyy, that's a good idea! If Quinn wanted to see Beth again…

    • saladbar

      I want her to come back too!!! She was my favorite character. I saw the Glee Project. I agree, they made it sound like she was. Also, they're filming right now, and she just happened to be there, available to guest judge… my guess is that she will be back. =

      • glee fan

        I like Maryyy's idea. Shelby could meet April when she comes to visit, and they automatically hate each other (sing 'loathing' together). Then they become friends and April offers Shelby a role in her show. Shelby wants to take it because it's her dream, but she has Beth, so Quinn offers to take care of Beth while the show is running. That way Beth isn't a permanent character, but we get to see her again, as well as Rachel's mom <3

        • katerinapetrova

          I want beth and shelby to come back!!!!! someone tell Ryan Murphy to read these posts you ppl have some great ideas

  • lol

    lol Finn + Quinn = Finn

    • FuinnNoFinchel

      Haha it's Finn + Quinn = Fuinn


  • Natiushka

    I don't really want to the Seniors of Glee Club leaving the show after graduate ! Like, they make Glee fun! Finn, Rachel, Puck, Kurt! I want the original first cast last 'till the end of all Glee Seasons :((

    If they leave the show forever, definitely I don't wanna see the other seasons anymore :(

    • panda909

      They should volunteer at the Glee club so that way they can still graduate but be on the show.

  • Joanna

    Just a few things I would'nt mind seeing changed…

    1. Guest stars – Don't get me wrong , I like gwenth paltrow and kristin chenoweth (sorry if I spelled wrong),It's when they are on they are on the show they sing so many songs and it kinda brings away from the glee club. Whenever here on the show , they atleast get two sing two songs each, not fair.

    2. Finn and Rachel singing leads- I love finn and rachel soooo much , But they get to sing the leads in every single song , I would not mind hearing someone else sing the lead in a song. It's getting really old.

    Also , I would not mind supporting charecters getting more of a plot line. I don't know if anyone agrees , but I am dying to see the tina/mike relashionship blossoms more……

  • stephaniee


    every season of glee so far has been frigging awesome

    i am dying to see season three .. can everyone quit complaining and giving suggestions about what should happen to characters in glee cos it wont make no difference

    btw what the hell is FUINN and FUINCHEL

    it sounds really local no offense …psshhh


  • Kayla

    I am so sad about Chris leaving.. But I know he is destained for bigger and better things and I cant wait for his movie!! As for people talking about Beth not being in season 2… In a normal adoption the birth mother does not see the child most of the time till they are 18 unless the family makes other arangments.. And we never found out what the adoption agreement was on the show.. And for what I want to see this season.. I want to see klaine be like a normal relationship! Ryan Murphy said it would be.. Because so far it doesn't seem that way.. And they better not break up!! I would be soo upset!

  • yeam

    I Want Quintana , That would be awesome. Then Finchel to die, Sam Come back and be with Mercedes. Tina & Mike talk more on the show!! Santana Singing more, Brittany and Artie together and Puck Graduate, he looks 30 !!

    I will miss them after S3 but, hell, I'm sick of seeing Rachel and Finn being stupid all the time.. It's just annoying.

    And I want Bloopers :D!

  • katerinapetrova


    Shelby Corcoran WILL BE RETURNING for an arc of 10-12 episodes. She'll take a teaching position at McKinley.


  • gleeker


  • owls and llamas

    I LOOOOOVE Sam and Quinn! Please bring them back together! I hate Samcedes! Worst couple ever! They look terrible together!


  • same old story

    I am sick to the back teeth of the threesome between Finn, Quinn and Rachel! Its same old story and it's getting boring! There needs to be an unexpected relationship like seriously unexpected! Sam and Mercedes is going to be good! I think Rachel should become pregnant that would be funny! Mike and Tina aren't interesting anymore! Quinn should be with Puck or even just be single for a while! I think Sam and Britney would be cute! Becky is head cheerleader :D Will needs to get with Emma or even Terry again! Sue needs to find someone special :)

  • FuinnNoFinchel

    Also I agree with every fuinn lover

  • FuinnNoFinchel

    And not Rachel being preggnant they already did that with quinn they won't do it again but I hear quinn is getting preggers with Finns baby this time I agree with same old story but Finn and quinn are meant to be and no pregnant Rachel

  • FuinnNoFinchel

    I also think what yeam said is smart but um Quintana ??? Quinns not lesbian and she needs to be with Finn why would you like that ???

  • Georgie (same old st

    No Sam and Mercedes in Season 3! Sam Evans character has been taken off season 3! Finn and Quinn or Finn and Rachel I am not bothered but I am sick of this threesome! Rachel is not going to get pregnant but I think she should do it with Finn :)

  • Amz

    Quinn and Finn just don't work but Finn and Rachel chemistry since the beginning has always been there I like the way thing s are couple wise but Santana defiantly need to come out the closet and so does dave and see what we get from them! I think if Quinn gets pregnant with Finn s baby there loose alot f viewers it lyk I can't c how it would all work not after everything they all been through and I think it would ruin it all! I hate Jesse with Rachel just doesn't work even wen they first got together I dint lyl it, it was just another way to get Finn jelious and in the end it end up hurting all of them !! I think if rachel, Finn and Kurt they wil go to new York and I can see Finn following Rachel because of the connection and chemistry I don't have a problem with and of them apart from Jesse… But bring sunshine back it she will b a brill asset to the glee club bring Blaine to glee club as well that would add a twist to the story love glee keep it going!!!

  • Brittana

    BRITTANA!!!! :) Nuff said. haha. They are perfect for each other and meant to be. Santana deserves happiness too just like everyone else!!! I'm soooo sick and tired of the Quinn, Rachel, and Finn love triangle. That was sooo Season 1 and sooo part of Season 2!! MORE SANTANA AND BRITTANY PLEASE!!! :)



    I would love it if they got to meet Beth as well:D

  • Brooke

    Everyone asking about 'Beth' reappearing in season 3, I would definitely expect it because Brad Falchuk confirmed on twitter that Idina Menzel will be returning to the show for a few episodes in season 3 (This is the character 'Shelby Corcoran' who adopted Beth) so there is absolutely no way that they would not acknowledge her. So common sense says that she will but you never know what will happen. I just can't wait for some good Blaine/Kurt scenes! BTW if you are like me and enjoy predicting the plot for episodes of Glee, go to Lea Micheles twitter page because she keeps giving little clues such as Darren Criss will be singing, presumably to Kurt. Also there will be a scene with Kurt and Rachel in Emmas office, to which I am guessing that they will be discussing future plans after they graduate. These are just little guesses but I can't wait to hear others thoughts as well. Can't freaking wait for the new season!

  • Kim

    With Sam and Mercedes, Tina and Mike, Brittany and Santana, Rachel and Fin, Darren and Kurt, Puck and Lauren (I feel like I'm forgetting some people)….. does Quin get Artie?

    • Emily

      Hmmmmmm! I dunno about quinn and Artie, I liked quinn and finn or quinn and sam!

      I can't believe quinn cheated on sam with finn then finn broke up with quinn in the end!!!!!!!!! So mean!

      I am happy that mercedes and Sam are together but i want Quinn and Sam to be together, remember that promise her made to her in episode 6 season 2 ?!

  • Emily


    Stop getting in their way rachel!

    I also hate rachel and jessie!!!!!!!!! Or maybe it's just jessie!!!!!!!

  • panda909

    where does quinn draw naked pictures of rachel?

  • gleeeeeek

    Finchel should just get together and be left alone. There was way too much Finchel last season.

    Samscedes NEEDS to happen. I totally wish Chord was coming back.

    Biestanaka would be interesting.

    Brittana NEEDS to happen too.

    Puck and Lauren are good, I think.

    I think Rachel and Finn need to step back and let more people have solos – I'd like to hear Mike sing, even though I guess it was established that he couldn't. But it doesn't make sense to be in Glee club if you can't sing. He should at least rap.

    I don't know who Quinn should be with… Well if Brittana happens, Artie's single… LOL that would be… interesting.

    I hope they win Nationals this year, they can't just keep losing. It's too predictable and Glee's anything but.

  • K

    I am just so sick of Finchel. It's gotten way too much screen time already, and the storyline is just so overplayed and stretched out. I want Puckleberry. They are two good looking Jews, and the bad boy with the good girl is classic. Puckleberry!

  • sparkle

    Team Fiunn! i hate rachael! im excited for season 3!

  • http://? mugglelover88

    Okay. I understand everyone's opinions, and I agree with most of them. The thing is that, just cause someone has a different view of something, doesn't mean you need to tell them off. It's kind of rude, and pointless. Now here are my opinions, feel free to tell me off if you want, but I really don't care.


    I like Finchel, but I think that they focused on it WAAAAYYY too much.

    I DON'T hate Quinn. I see nothing wrong with her. She just made some bad choices, and is scared and confused. She is gorgeous and has a pretty voice. Even if it's not as powerful as the others.

    I like most every couple.


    I want Puck and Quinn back together. I think Puck and Artie have the best guy's voices. I like Tina's voice a lot too, and I think they should give her her own storyline, or at least a solo where she doesn't burst into tears.


  • Gleek Lover

    I agree completely with everyone talking about Quinn, Puck, and Beth!! Last season was just pathetic!! They didn't even address that situation at all, except for in the first episode, and for what like a couple of seconds? It seems like it never happened. To me, Quinn and Puck make the show. They actually HAD chemistry unlike Quinn and Finn and Rachel and Finn. I seriously don't get why people like Finchel so much. I'm not trying to bash, just trying to understand. She's so mean to him. He doesn't deserve that. Why do so many people like Rachel, and Lauren for that matter? Oh, and by the way, ** POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT** Lauren will be quitting New Directions and braking up with Puck in the first episode, so that gives Quick a chance again! Plus, with Shelby coming back for a number of episodes too. I just hope that they end up together, that would be a real waste if they didn't.

  • Angie

    Who cares if Rachel and Finn are together? They are such a boring couple. Plus, she's a jerk to him. She doesn't care about him, only about being on Broadway. If he wasn't able to sing she wouldn't be into him at all. Or, if he wasn't the QB. No relationship in real life would happen like they did after Nationals. It's just a waste of time. Seriously, what do people like about them? Why are people even searching for spoilers about them, we all know that they're together, what else matters? They're probably gonna brake up at the end of the year or do some stupid corny thing that wouldn't really happen in the real world. They've had enough screen time, give it to someone else. They've had more than their share of screen time and solos. Give some to Tina already. Has she even had a storyline this whole time?

  • NO LZ!!!!

    YAY NO LAUREN!!!!!! NO LAUREN!!!!! :) HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!! Why did people even like her? She was horrible to look at (not Ashley, she's nice and kinda pretty) wore horrible clothes, horrible hair, huge glasses, bad singer on the show, super mean on the show. Why did people consider her their "role model?" Seriously???? Are you crazy??? Why did people like her and Puck, I just don't get it. Why did he even like her??? Oh, so confusing. Oh well, we won't have to deal with it anymore. :)!!!

  • ;p

    I hate Rachel.

  • sam forthewin

    I think rachel will fall in love with sam from the glee project and Quinn should settle with artie so that there would be kinda a surprise quinn is popular and artie isn't actually popular. kurt and blaine? YES they are really cute puckerman can try and mope about being less electric compared to sam from the glee project while tina and mike get a debut or something

  • OBV.

    It's soo obv. whats going to happen this season. Duh, Rachel and Finn are together, who gives a crap about them anyway? Will and Emma are stupid and need to die or transfer, or something, just get them offa our TV's!! Slut. LOL PRICELESS Sue!! Blaine will transfer, ya ya. Brit and Santana will probably end up together at the end of the year, but wait Brittany won't be graduating…Why does anyone think Quinn will go for Artie, SO NOT HAPPENING. I'm guessing that with Shelby back and Lauren out of the way her and Puck will be together. Tina and Artie are both juniors for a reason people, Ryan wants them together! Rachel and Kurt will go to broadway, who cares, we already know their dream and have from ep. 1!!!! Sue for congress, seems kind of like a bore to me actually. Damian prob won't be with anyone this year since he's the only freshie. So ya, that's pretty much it…

  • glee

    it is all about puckleberry!!!!!!!!!! finn is a douche he needs to die

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