Gossip Girl 4.04 “Touch of Eva” Review

Mark O. Estes October 5, 2010 2

Be careful what you wish for, Blair. Because will you get it. In abundance.

Last night’s Gossip Girl was the latest in a string of solid episodes this season with Juliet further driving a stake into Serena’s life and Blair further driving a gap in between her and Chuck… by using grenades.

“Me Versus You. No Limits.”

When Chuck Bass uttered those words, he meant business, people. The man has been taken on an emotional roller coaster since last May and Blair has been the conductor. Sure, when Chuck practically whored out Blair to regain his hotel, it was a horrendous act, but one of two things should’ve took place after that: 1) Blair should’ve kicked Chuck to the curb and out of her life for good or 2) reconciled with Chuck, but on a friend basis, work up the relationship from there. Instead, Blair chose to keep Chuck at a distance as if he had a leash on his neck. When he gets a bit too happy, she yanks him back into place. Last night proved that Chuck was tired of being jerked around, because a man has his limits and Blair completely obliterated whatever limits Chuck Bass had in his peripheral.

Poor Eva, I knew it would end terribly for her, but nonetheless, she did the right thing. As much as I would’ve been itching to face Blair head on and put that girl in her place, it still wouldn’t have meant a hill of Cartiers if the person your fighting to keep is not standing by your side in the battle. It then becomes a case of ‘why bother?’ and a complete waste of your time on so many levels.

So do I feel bad for Blair? Um… Nope. Not in this latest case. Team Chuck all day here.

Serena? Please Make Up Your Damn Mind…

So when Serena finally chooses Dan or Nate, I pray that I am not sleep or could care less about the choice. You guys know that I would rather Serena snag Nate than her stepbrother Dan, but at this point I think she should move on and let them do the same. True, Juliet isn’t making things any better, but damn, something has got to give! Speaking of Juliet…

Juliet’s Checklist

Okay so we know that Juliet is a) a liar and a thief; b) stalking Serena through her friends and exes; c) has an accomplice in jail named Ben, who Serena in some way affected; and d) has paid of building security to squat in someone else’s swank apartment to conduct her schemes. Wow… You would think with these weekly revelations, Juliet has nothing left to hide, but I am sure that assumption would to break me in a bet.

Baby Milo: The Aftermath

Dan’s so-called dilemma after the Baby Milo debacle was warranted, but I seriously don’t think that Serena would’ve been the answer to his problems. Plus, if he still loves Serena (shudder) then he really needs to stop treating Vanessa like a piece of toilet tissue stuck up his ass.

Another great episode, and the plot only continues to thicken. By the way, with Fashion’s Night Out over with, will we even see Jenny Humphrey again?

  • Hidey

    No, no I don't ever want to see Jenny Humphrey again. Anyone notice how much lighter and better the episodes have become w/out her?

    As for tonight LOVED the episode and Blairs beautiful saphire blue dress, she and Chuck had amazing chemistry during the gala more then she ever had with Nate and Chuck ever had with Eva- not to say I didn't like Eva because I even surprised myself when I did and it pained me to have Chuck heartbroken again and I was running fingers of frustration through my hair both when Blair had to watch Chuck bestow Eva with honors and both when she did the (dealt dumb for Blair btw) trick of breaking Chuck's heart. I thought the whole point was to PREVENT him from suffering like Elizabeth made him suffer?

    I'm on team Blair because I've always felt for her and might have been tempted to make the same rash decision she made- also because presently Blair is utterly confused by her own actions- her voice when she said how can I love you after what you did- was a question she was asking herself and the viewers. She does still love him and she doesn't understand how or why. There was real anguish on her face when she realized just to which extent she'd hurt Chuck this time.

    I'm er- also on team Chuck because he really had a tough time this episode and I was happy to see him happy….most of the time. I can't wait to see what Chuck does because at the end- we're here for Chair mostly and the path to that future has just been craved. Can't wait for next week!

    • Anonymous

      I understand your points about Blair, but Chuck has tried time and time again to make it up to her, but she keeps playing him and when SHE gets hurt, it's a national disaster of epic proportions. Chuck is just tired of the games and I am too.