Gossip Girl Photo Preview: See Blair’s Wedding!

Clarissa January 10, 2012 54

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 13 - 100th EpisodeIt’s all leading to this, Gossip Girl fans: Blair and Louis’ wedding. We know that the upcoming 100th episode of Gossip Girl on January 30 will feature the blessed event. The only question is whether the priest will pronounce the couple “husband and wife” or whether Blair will pull a “runaway bride”.

The CW has released photos for the upcoming January 30 episode, titled “G. G.”, although we don’t yet have a synopsis. Still, a few assumptions can be made from the photos. Accompanied by her two fathers – Harold and Cyrus – Blair makes it to the altar, that we know for sure. But before she even enters the church, it looks like she gets a visit from Chuck. Is it a last-minute attempt to convince her from marrying Louis? In addition, Georgina returns in this episode of Gossip Girl – to stir up trouble, no doubt! Not only does she disguise herself as an altar girl at the wedding itself, but she also seems to make a visit to Chuck. Oh, Georgina, what are you planning?!

But we can’t help but believe that the episode might not end with a kiss between Blair and Louis. After all, photos taken on the set of Gossip Girl (view them here) a few months ago show us that Blair might have second feelings about marrying her prince.

So what do you think of the whole set-up? The bridesmaids dresses aren’t exactly stellar, but Serena (accompanied by Dan down the aisle) certainly looks lovely.

You can also view a trailer and episode preview for the January 16 return of the show.

  • alice

    Just get Blair and Chuck together for good. They are bound to be endgame, you can't just throw away the past 4 years. Especially after what blair said to chuck in 5×10. She will never love anyone more than she loves Chuck. Chuck is the one for my Queen B. :) I can't see either of them with anyone else. Chuck will always belong to Blair and Blair to Chuck. CB = Chuck/Blair, Chuck Bass…..BW= Bass/Waldorf, Blair Waldorf ….they are meant to be! xD

  • Emily

    Okay, Chuck and Blair look beautiful. HOW CAN YOU MARRY LOUIS, BLAIR?! Explain yourself!

  • Allie

    Ugh, poor Chuck :( Why on earth is she still marrying Louis? This doesn't make any sense.

    Also, Blair Waldorf would never even go out in public with her hair looking like that, let alone get married.

  • Joey

    Haha. This is sooo GG. A fight between Louis and Chuck, but at the end of the day someone else wipes Blair's tears away ;-) This gonna be fun, haha.

  • ann

    Ugh, can Chuck and Blair just be finished already? So sick and tired of it.

    • claudia

      chuck and blair will never be over.THEY ARE ENDGAME

    • emma

      if you are so sick of them…well i suggest you should have stopped watching the show ages ago…the show has always been about them since the start…all the other characters are their support staff.

      • Lou

        If thats how you feel I suggest you stop watching the show, I watch the show for all characters not one stale and abusive relationship.

  • jade

    it will always be chuck and blair.

  • chloe

    chuck and blair will reunite before the end of the season and i think derena will too…else why all of a sudden would they make serena realise she still has feelings for dan!?

  • sarah


  • amy

    chuck and blair <3

  • Lois

    Ugh, if the 100th is the Chuck and Blair show it will be such a disapointment. They've had their time, they ruined it, now can we have something new?

  • Steph

    Wah, I wanted Dair.

  • Chloe

    Could people shut up about Chair for one minute to aknowledge how beautiful Leighton looks.

    • Maria

      Her face looks beautiful. Her hair, unfortunately, looks like it got attacked by Jenny Humphrey's stylist. Not a good look.

  • Hollie

    I hope Blair runs off with Dan

  • Emily

    Cant wait for the Dair scene in the airport. Its meant to be epic apparently.

  • Jono

    Whether you want Dair or Chair we can all agree, Louie has got to go!

  • Maria

    My poor CB :( They're going to break my heart in this episode. Hopefully that'll make it all the sweeter when they finally get to be happy together…

  • Tyler

    Chair are yuck, Dair are okay, but CYRUS, YAY! NOT ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH.

  • Sarah

    I just want Chuck and Blair together!. I'm anxious to see their scenes in this episode!. I'm sure one day they will marry and will be happy!

  • Elle

    Wow, all the Dan and Blair comments got rated down. Thats stupid. Any fans opinion should be respected even if they want Blair with Louie. Not that I do ofcourse, just saying. Dair all the way.

    • amy

      is that why ban fans 30 mins ago were thumbing down chair comments.? hypocrites. :P

  • Allie

    Why are people even commenting about Dair? They're not even in these pictures.
    Happy to see Dan and Serena together, even though his hair still looks ridiculous.

    I don't get why Eleanor, Dorota, Serena, or anybody isn't putting a stop to this farce. Blair looks miserable.

  • Tyler

    Its a bit pale in comparison to THE royal wedding last year. But it still looks beautiful. Even though I wish Blair was marrying Dan. haha.

  • Sue

    I still like Chair but I have to admit, they are not what they were- far from it, I really enjoyed the Blair and Dan pairing, it brought growth to the characters in stead of going round and round in circles.

  • Zari

    OMG the angst, he goes to see her before the wedding. Be still my Chair heart. Whatever happens I'm sure I'm going to cry.

  • Olivia

    Ugh, WHY BLAIR? Everyone knows you should be marrying Chuck.

  • Joanna

    My poor Chuck and Blair. They both look so sad and Blair looks downright miserable. :( Why is this wedding happening again? Louis is the worst character that ever existed and he needs to leave ASAP, not get married to Blair. Ugh! This episode will surely break my heart. Chuck and Blair need to get together already!
    It's so telling that this wedding shouldn't happen when Serena looks more like a bride than Blair does. But they're both equally beautiful.

  • Raj

    Finally Derena! Love seeing them walk down the aisle together :D

  • Sue

    Yes Blair leave your wedding for the man who almost hit you made you bleed, sold you for a hotel and blamed you for it, embarassed you at public events and had sex with someone you hated. but they are meant to be together so its fine. Its chuck that has made Blair in to the pathetic character she is today. I'm sorry, I like Chuck, I like Blair but their love is not passion it's insanity and turned in to abuse.

    • http://twitter.com/Stepupnow14 @Stepupnow14

      I'm sorry but they aren't abusive. I'm kinda new to boards but I find this argument only ones Dair fans use. I think it's obvious Chuck and Blair are meant to be. I get people want to ignore it but it's there, not for Dair.

      • Megan

        I'm not actually a Dair fan I'm a Blair fan and I agree with Sue. Its not obvious Chuck and Blair are meant to be, they are toxic, he is constantly hurting her to the point of physical harm. And it would seem the only reason Chair fans can give is that they love each other, ignoring all the horrible things that have gone between them. I would rather see Blair with Dan, Louis anyone than see her hurt and week, which is something Blair Waldorf should never be!

        • katie

          clearly a dair fan

        • Maria

          Blair's been weak with Louis all season and all she does around Dan is cry and complain. So no, it's not like either of them bring out the best in her- she just needs to be strong on her own instead of depending on men.

          But yes, Chuck and Blair love each other, and since Chuck's clearly changed and grown up this season, i don't know how anyone can claim he's toxic for Blair unless they're hopelessly biased.

  • http://twitter.com/mockingbird2424 @mockingbird2424

    Blair looks miserable..I guess it's because she's not marrying Chuck. This show needs to get Blair and Chuck back together.

  • Deena

    I hope those pictures of Blair running in her wedding dress are to go to Dan!

  • Caitlin

    LOL, even the comment that commented on people rating comments that involve anything not involving Chair got rated down. These fans are crazy and pathetic. Dair I even say who want to be together.

  • Logan

    I hate Leighton's hair, but her face and dress look beautiful. I can't wait to see the Chuck and Blair scenes, but I'm actually wondering what will become of DS. Is there still hope for them?

  • alexa

    Chuck has matured now…or have you dair fans forgotten that!? He is everything blair wants him to be- said so herself….but then again from the statements that dair fans make, like blair loves dan etc (lmao!)…you clearly don't watch the episodes.

  • Yvonne

    Omg, I was hoping there would be some Derena in the 100th ep! Missed them so much <3

  • Stella.

    My poor bbs>CHUCK and Blair!!!!They have suffered a lot and they still face obstacles but their LOVE IS REAL AND IT'S ALWAYS THERE!I'm sure that in the end they'll be together and happy!B/c if there is any couple that states the word ENDGAME then C&B are definitely it!!!

  • Christie

    oh my Chair!!! I want my Chair wedding already! But goodness, all this just makes me want them even more. They clearly love each other so much! I cant wait for my happy CB

  • Mark

    Lol at Chuckistan on a mission to thumb down any Dair related comments and thumb up the pro-Chair comments. I want 17 thumbs down! Can you do it? I know you can do it! Thanks! lol

    • sophie

      sorry but i was on this site like an hour ago when there was just a few comments and dair fans had thumbed down chair comments….the reason why dair fans have gone into minus' at the moment is because currently they are outnumbered by chair fans. Both ships thumb down eachothers….oh and so your saying you haven't thumbed down any of the chair comments you have read!? yeah…thought so.

      • Mark

        This is my hompage and I'm here like every 10 or 15 mins, when I'm at work. At the beginning the Chair related comments had 0 reaction, and the ones with Dair had some thumb ups. Then they crazy Chair fans came. It's so sad and stupid.

        • Jono

          No, as a Dair fan I don’t go round thumbing down others opinions because no I’m not a 13 year old fan girl, seriously.

  • ross

    i like chuck and blair. :)

  • Louise

    Cant chair and dair fans just get along? Seriously, we're all watching the same show, the writers are gonna do what they are gonna do, if they decide to write Dair than I'll be ridiculously happy, if they continue to write Chuck and Blair I just go along with the ride slightly begrudgingly but I will put up, I'll just try and enjoy it the best I can and Chuck and Blair fans should do the same with the Dair storylines. All I know is I love this cast of characters and I wanna watch them grow and enjoy their journeys without having to argue a point.

  • GeorgieP

    Dair will happen simply to pacify the fans of the couple and so they should you dont make viewers care about something then not give them what they want.
    Chair will be end game the writers are building up to one massive finale which sees them live happily ever after – like it was suppose to be if season 3-4 hadn’t happened.
    Chair for end game – love them!

  • gio

    gosh all these comments grow up!:/
    my poor Blair seems so sad here, i still don't undestand if she's gonna marry Louis or not. I hope she will realise that Dan is the best choice for her. They are too cute, i really want to see them together!

  • tiana

    chuck and blair totally get together because in the picture of blair, eleanor, and chuck, blair is wearing her veil, which means she came from the altar ^_^

  • Monique

    Blair and Chuck this, Blair and Chuck that. I like them very much as characters and as a couple. However the Chair fans turn my stomach with their groanings and moanings. Therefore I am going to vote Dan to spite them.