Tonight on Gossip Girl: Blair’s Mother Returns with a Warning (Sneak Peek)

There are only five episodes left of Gossip Girl and it looks like certain couples will be reunited by the end of the season. One is the obvious Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) who are practically back together at this point, despite what they say about completing their own personal missions. The other is a bit more of a surprise and while the Gossip Girl marketing department suggest that it is something the audience wants, I’m not entirely sure that is the case.

Last week’s cotillion based episode ended with the Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan’s (Penn Badgley) sex tape getting a very public airing, as part of a scheme by Sage (Sofia Black-D’Elia) to get her father to break it off with Serena. This plan worked, but it also ended with Sage getting dumped by Nate (Chace Crawford) as he finally realized that he was dating an awful person, who also happened to be in high school still. In ridiculous comparison news Blair compared Dan and Serena’s indiscretion with Chuck sleeping with Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and then declared that Dan’s actions were in fact worse. This might be the point where I blacked out with rage as the two moments really don’t seem to be in the same league. I understand that the writers want to have a Chuck/Blair ending, but do they really need to destroy Dan and Blair’s friendship in the process?

One issue I raised before last week’s episode was the lack of Blair and Serena interactions this season and the two former BFFs almost became friends again, that was before the sex tape screening and Blair decided that they are better off without each other. What will bring these two former friends back together?

All of these characters have been awful to each other at least once (most likely a lot more) and yet they always find a way to forgive each other  — until the next time of course — so we shouldn’t really be surprised that the episode ended with Dan and Serena finding comfort in each other’s company. Does this mean that they should end up as a couple? That’s what is being hinted at as Serena volunteers to help Dan find a new place to live as he has run out of couches to crash on. This brings up some unexpected emotions and as Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) are no longer married this means that something could happen between them. Do you want to see Serena and Dan back together?

Meanwhile, Blair has to face her mother, as Eleanor (Margaret Colin) is less than thrilled with the direction that Blair has taken Waldorf Designs in. The cotillion incident has led to buyers for Blair’s collection but at what cost? Eleanor believes that Blair’s split personality is to blame and that Blair needs to rid herself of her dark, scheming and sexually deviant side, but is this something that Blair will be able to do?

Chuck is also still facing parental issues and has found a useful friend in Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) and she discovers some incriminating evidence against Bart (Robert John Burke). Chuck needs Nate’s help to implement his plan; will this involve The Spectator?

What’s less interesting than the crimes of Bart Bass? How about Rufus and Ivy’s gallery opening? It turns out that no-one is that bothered by this event and their RSVP list for the opening is currently empty; they must scramble to rectify this.

Watch a sneak peek of “Where the Vile Things Are” and for more promo photos and a promo video from this new Gossip Girl episode head here.





  • K

    Of course the two moments weren’t in the same league.. Dan’s was worse. He slept with Serena while he and Blair were still *technically* together. And he has ALWAYS pretended to be better than any of them. So in addition to cheating, he’s a hypocrite. The Dan/Blair friendship..? You mean the friendship that was based on their mutual love for Serena but they decided to screw her over in the end? The friendship that required Blair to be isolated from EVERYONE she knew so she had no one else to talk to? THAT friendship? Lol.

  • Allie

    Yeah, I gotta agree with the comment above. How can you say Chuck sleeping with Jenny- when he and Blair weren’t even together- is worse or even comparable to Dan cheating on her with her best friend? I guess maybe you could say they were worse in that Blair was far more upset about the Jenny incident, but that’s only because she loved Chuck and didn’t love Dan.

    As far as Derena goes, I think they’re actually more popular than you might suspect. I don’t have a strong opinion on them either way, but I did think their last scene together at the diner was cute. And if pairing him with Serena can bring back the Dan I used to like from the first few seasons, I’d probably be on board.

    Definitely agree that we need more Blair/Serena interactions though, I hate when they have them make up just so they can blow it all to pieces five minutes later.

  • Henna

    I agree with K. Dan sleeping with Serena was a hell of a lot worse than Chuck sleeping with Jenny. Dan and Blair were still dating. Chuck and Blair had broken up. Chuck had told Blair that if she didn’t show up at The Empire State Building he would close his heart off forever. So when she didn’t show up he thought it was over for good between him and Blair. He was crushed and drowning his sorrows in booze when Jenny showed up. All Dan did was text Blair to show up at the party if she “cared about him at all.” (Let’s be honest, he wasn’t exactly crushed when he was checking out Serena’s legs. Nor did he seem really sad immediately after he’d had sex with Serena either. He only got upset after he found out Serena had lied to him and taped them.) Serena is Blair’s best friend and the girl Blair has always felt insecure about. Jenny was just Blair’s frenemy. So yes Dan sleeping with Serena was significantly worse. But that wasn’t even Blair’s point. She said it was worse because Dan PRETENDED to be better and Chuck never did and that’s 100% true. What really made Dan sleeping with Serena and hiding it worse than Chuck sleeping with Jenny and hiding it was Dan’s HYPOCRISY. Say what you will about Chuck but he doesn’t walk around judging people like he’s morally superior while hiding the fact he’s done terrible things himself.

    I liked Dan and Blair’s friendship in S4 and I’m open to the show fixing it – although not at the expense of Serena and Blair’s friendship. But I once again agree with K that it wasn’t as healthy and awesome in S5 as some people make it out to be. They did not bring out the best in each other at all.

    Not sure how I feel about a Dan and Serena romance being rekindled. Dan has been so horrible to her. I’d much rather see Nate and Serena find some happiness but I’m not sure the writers care enough about Nate. It’s too bad. He’s the male character that I’d like to see have a happy ending most of all.

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