Carol Kane Coming To Gotham


When we first heard this casting news we thought it was nothing short of genius. We may have been hesitant about the show Gotham when we first heard about it. You gotta admit, it would be really easy to mess up the Batman universe if they handled it wrong. Thing is, early rumors are coming in that the show does a darn good job of capturing the grimy feel of that world we all have been to so many times in so many different forms. The kicker is, the more the casting comes out, the more I think they may be nailing it. Take today’s news for example. Weird and wonderful actress Carol Kane is joining the show. But as who, you may wonder….

The Penguin’s mother. All you have to do is take one look at Carol Kane and her body of work to realize how perfectly cast she is here. Also, if you can recall her films, she had a dark and surreal aspect to her. Like something may be slightly off in her head (we mean this as no insult, it just means she is good at what she does) and to hear she will be the Penguin’s mother, undoubtedly helping to form him into the twisted man he becomes is something I definitely need to see.

Let’s see it, Gotham. Let’s see if you can pull this off. So far, all signs are looking good. Especially the big one in the sky shaped like a bat.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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