FOX’s Gotham Adds Young Riddler to the Cast


It seems that FOX isn’t quite done adding villains to the cast of Gotham yet. There are bazillions to choose from in the Batman universe, and though we’ve already seen ones like Catwoman and The Penguin cast, they’re not stopping there. They’ve just cast another major Batman villain in the form of The Riddler, who will be played by newcomer Corey Michael Smith. The actor has had small parts in a few other shows, but this will obviously be his most major role to date.

To me it seems like Gotham can’t really be that much of a procedural. Like, the Riddler can’t just show up for one season, commit some crimes, get caught, and go to Arkham at the end of the 42 minute episodes, right? Batman villains are not “villains of the week.” They show up and have entire story arcs written around them. I have to imagine that the show is going to work better if it’s more longform content and not just a police procedural in the Batman-verse.

What other villains will they add before the show starts? I’m not sure, though I think they have to draw a line somewhere. I don’t think they could go as far as having a “young Joker,” given his origins. But who else will appear?

[Photo via  Michael Loccisano/Getty]

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