More From FOX’s Gotham, Alfred Revealed


I’m really starting to be confused as to the quality of these promotional images FOX keeps posting to their official Gotham Tumblr. Like, the actors look fine but it seems like someone took a picture of a poster with their phone or something and posted it online. Why is it so grainy? I’m not sure I understand, and they keep getting progressively worse.

Anyway, this is Sean Pertwee as the famed butler Alfred. He’ll be shepherding a young Bruce Wayne after the loss of his parents, just like James Gordon. Word has it another character image will be out tomorrow, and it’s probably going to be either Bruce, Gordon or that gangster Jada Pinkett Smith is playing. Fish Mooney, was it?

I’m not wild about the level of promotion FOX is giving this show. Like, a Batman network drama is a huge deal. Spend more than thirty seconds making your first promotional images for the show.

[Photo via FOX]

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