Netflix Grabs the Rights for Gotham Before Its Premiere


FOX has a lot riding on the Batman-less Batman show Gotham, but it appears some have quite a lot of faith in the program already. Netflix and FOX have struck a deal that will bring the show to the streaming service, even before the show airs one actual episode. That may be the first such deal in existence.

In the US, the show is expected to make it to Netflix in September 2015, which would line-up with the seemingly inevitable season two premiere of the show. The mot similar deal to this one is the Netflix/AMC agreement for Better Call Saul, at least for territories outside the US. Netflix also recently made headlines by purchasing the rights to The Blacklist for$2M an episode.

Netflix needs to continue to focus on having the best, most in-demand on demand content around, given that now others like Amazon are starting to pose actual competition to them. I would argue that while most use Netflix for TV binge watching, they also need to continue to focus on their movie selection, which is still woefully lacking.

As for Gotham, I’m hoping as much as anyone it’s going to be good. I think the cast and concept are great, but I do worry about the show airing on FOX, and would feel lot more comfortable if Gotham was on a cable or pay channel. Outside of Hannibal and a few other choice selections, it seems like it’s very hard to find a good drama on network TV these days, and I really don’t want the show to end up being CSI: Gotham.

[Photo via FOX]

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