Positive Reviews Creeping in for Gotham


I will admit, I was both excited and scared when I heard about the new Fox show, Gotham. Which is pretty much Batman without Batman. Though I love that universe, I was scared to find out what would happen were it handled wrong. Good news, as it seems it wasn’t handled wrong. Luckily, it wasn’t. Some pre-reviews are in for the show, and it sounds promising. Thank goodness. It seems really easy to mess up the Batman universe.

As many of you know Gotham focuses on a young James Gordon as he works his way up the ranks of the Gotham police and becomes the man we later came to know him as in the comic and films. There seemed a lot of room for failure, but from what sources have said so far is that the pilot is actually pretty cool. It sets an almost noire-esque tone for the show, and shows us Gotham in a way in which we have never seen it before. Though we did not see the preview, sources such as The Collider seemed to be filled to the brim with nice things to say about it.

I guess the big stand out thing everyone is mentioning is Robin Lord Taylor’s version of the Penguin. I have yet to see it so I have no opinion myself. If what I have heard thus far pans out, though. This could be a cool, small screen version of Batman we have not yet seen.

[Photo via FOX]

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