Producer Says Gotham Won’t Break Mythology, Only Chronology

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FOX’s Gotham is arguably the most anticipated show of the fall, though it has many DC and Batman fans praying that either FOX won’t mess up their beloved Bat-universe, or worse yet, make it really good and then cancel it immediately.

The first one seems more like than the second, in theory, though early reactions to the pilot have been good. Recently, executive producer Bruno Heller talked about how the show has to stick with certain rules of the Batman universe, but can bend others.

“What we won’t do is break the canonical iron truths of the mythology,” executive producer Bruno Heller told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Sunday. “It’s not a whole new mythology. But issues of chronology, we will play with in a fun way.”

The chronology he refers to is the idea that Gotham will feature a cast of young heroes and villains in a way that may not always line up with the supposed ages in the comics and other films. For example, many villains seem to be fairly close to Bruce Wayne’s age when he’s fighting them as Batman, but int he show, many may be a bit older, just so we don’t have a ton of teenagers in costumes running around Gotham or anything. Some, like Catwoman, will be closer to his age.

I’m very curious to see how this is all going to turn out, and I have to admit I’m hopeful, though that could be dangerous given FOX’s history with high concept shows.

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