Who’s Ready for a 22 Minute Gotham Preview?


Alright FOX, you’re starting to veer dangerously into the territory of over-promotion at this point. We all know about Gotham. It’s probably the most anticipated show of the fall. I’m not sure you need to be releasing previews for the show that are literally half as long as the pilot.

But I know some fans out there are probably dying to see what this contains, and with twenty-two minutes to fill, obviously there’s going to be some footage in here you haven’t seen before. As for me, I want to leave something a mystery for when the show starts, so I’m not going to watch the thing in full. Rather, I skimmed through and it’s a collection of interviews with the cast and crew talking about the various concepts and themes of the show, interspersed with actual footage.

There are high hopes for Gotham, but many are worried FOX will turn it into just another procedural, and that some of the Batman elements seem less than necessary (young Catwoman, among others). They’re likely going to be changing the origin story of many, many characters to fit their timeline, and that may end up upsetting some fans.

Still, I know the curious among you will probably want to watch it, and you can below. Twenty-two minutes is a TON of preview footage, so don’t blame me if you get a stomachache from eating too much candy.

I genuinely don’t think I would be sold on this show whatsoever if not for Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie in the two main roles. That goes a long way to convincing me this could end up being quality, far more than any early season orders or Netflix pick-ups. I’m looking forward to seeing Gotham in full, but I just can’t bring myself to watch this “episode zero” and ruin too much of the actual show.

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