The Ratings For The 56th Annual Grammy Awards Are…


After a show like The Grammys airs, people tend to wonder how well it did in the ratings. You look at Twitter and Facebook and realize that pretty much everyone you know it watching. But how does that translate in ratings? Just how well did the 56th annual Grammy Awards do? Well, in a word, they did just as good as they did last year. What does that mean for numbers?

As TV Line so kindly pointed out, 28.5 million people watched the 56th annual Grammy Awards last night. This means this is the second biggest draw the Grammys has had in over 21 years. It was only slightly edged out by last year’s Whitney Houston tribute. To put this in a different context. Family Guy and The Simpsons each lost a million viewers to The Grammy Awards. When you think of it like that, it makes so much more sense. We are talking about a show that a rather large chunk of the population are all watching at once. The thing is, last night’s Grammy Awards deserved that kind of pull. As shocking as it is to hear me say this, it was a thoroughly entertaining show.

Well, except when Macklemore won best rap album of the year. That was kind of silly.

[Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Stringer]

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