Steven Tyler’s Mustache Ran Away with the 2014 Grammy Awards

tyler mustache

There were many spectacle at last night’s Grammys, but one stood out above all others, and it was just a piece of facial hair: Steven Tyler’s mustache. Tyler has always been some weird combination of plastic surgery, old age and just general genetic strangeness, but last night there was a new level added to the whole package, a mustache. The Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge was rocking a mustache and goatee, and it caught the eye of many. I didn’t think it was possible for the man to look weirder, but here we are.

The other mustache-based star of the show was Nate Ruess, frontman for Fun. who performed with Pink. His wasn’t quite so jarring, but it is further proof that mustaches on anyone who isn’t Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds are generally not a good idea.

Are we being too hard on Tyler, or did his facial hair weird you out as much as it did us? It’s okay to admit it.

[Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty]

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