Grey’s Anatomy 10.12 Review: “Get Up, Stand Up”

Jess Asher December 13, 2013 0


No new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy until February means we get a shocker of a cliffhanger and a whole lot of brutal honestly. And boy, was it ever brutal. Ross officially loses his stinking mind, Arizona breaks down, Meredith and Christina continue their battle, and Derek continues to be made of gold. All this, and we learn a very valuable lesson that most people should know already!

Most medical dramas stretch some of the actual medicine pretty far. They’ll take from headlines some new and exciting advancement (3D printing!) and just take off from there into the wild blue abyss of magic. But let me hit on that valuable lesson real quick, and then I’ll get off my soap box. If someone has taken a fall and hurt their neck or back, even if they are moving, call an ambulance. Tell them to be still, and don’t move them. The spine is a weird thing, and sometimes it doesn’t yet know that it’s been injured and you’ll still have full function. Then you’ll take one wrong move and it’s all over.

With all the daddy issues Alex has, he is accusatory of a father who moved his hurt son probably causing the child to be paralyzed. Alex has been having a hard time seeing the good in any fathers so it’s rough to see him be hard on a guy that was only caring for his hurt son. But with reason, his dad is still in the hospital and he finally goes to talk to him. He has it out a bit, and we learn even more about Alex’s past. After 10 years, its weird how little we really know about one of the few original characters. Eventually, after finally realizing there are some good dads in the world, he shakes Jimmy’s hand and washes his hands of the mess.

Derek, who has always been a bit of a miracle worker, gets a proposal from the President (the President) to consult on a program to fully map the brain. He upsets Owen by turning it down, because he’s promised Meredith that he was going to let her have more of the time she needs for her own research. He gets a phone call at the end of the episode from the President himself, but we are left not really knowing what he said. I’m guessing (strictly a guess) he agreed to be a part because that will create the ever popular drama. I could be wrong.

Christina and Meredith continue to have it out throughout the episode. Christina starts out trying to step lightly around Meredith up to a certain point because it turns out she has no idea why her procedure with the baby worked. They sort of figure some things out after all the harsh words are said, and they might be back on even ground, but I doubt it. With Sandra Oh leaving the show at the end of the season, I would love to see them leave on a good note but that doesn’t make for the best TV sometimes. Also, no one asked me what I wanted which is a slight bummer. We shall see…

Arizona finally comes out with more truth about her adultery and the reasons why. Callie keeps talking about how she is going to help her get a new leg and be back to normal. But that’s assuming that something is wrong with Arizona because she is missing a leg- a very important thing to think about when you are talking about ‘disabilities.’ Arizona has accepted herself and her loss, but Callie keeps pushing a fix. It’s no wonder (not saying it’s right) she jumped into the arms of someone who found her attractive completely. Callie did not support her as she should have, and we didn’t get to see a lot of what happened, but it’s pretty clear that Callie didn’t give her what Arizona needed. I want them, truly, to work out. But at the same time- I’m not sure that’s what each actually needs.

This whole episode is worth its weight for what happens in the last 10 minutes though. Bailey is back in the OR and ends up having words with Ben. Webber has to save Ross’s HUGE mistake and to see this kid’s melt down is heartbreaking. All that and we get Jackson’s shocking (kind of) confession at Kepner’s wedding as the episode fades to black. I can’t wait for February!

[Photo via Ron Tom/ABC]