Grey’s Anatomy ‘Bad Blood’ Review

CONSTANCE ZIMMER, KEVIN MCKIDDOn this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Cahill continued to rain a special kind of hell down on Seattle Grace while our favorite doctors struggled to practice medicine with Big Brother (in the form of the elusive Dr. Bob behind a video camera doling out medical advice) looking over their shoulder.

The first victims of the new protocol include Cristina and the hospital’s most annoying intern ever (I mean—Dr. Murphy) as they race against the clock to repair the heart of a Jehovah’s Witness, who comes to us in the body of a 19 year-old skater boy. Ace cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Yang’s got this one in the bag, right?

Wrong. For those ignorant of Jehovah’s Witness practices, it’s important to note that the religion doesn’t allow blood transfusions. Which pretty much throws a wrench into any potential life-saving surgery, doesn’t it? It’s worth it just to tune in to watch rebel Dr. Murphy pull an Izzie Stevens and attempt to transfuse the blood, anyway.

Meanwhile, Kepner and Shepherd have been hard at work crunching numbers to save the ER from its seemingly inevitable demise. Dr. Kepner scrambles to get the departments on board (Everybody hates me, she insists) before Derek bails her out with a little sweet talk and some good old-fashioned guilt (Remember how I saved your sister’s life, Doctor?). Ohhh, Dr. McDreamy. So good to see you back to your old self.

Dr. Webber and Dr. Bailey are stuck in the skills lab at the hands of an eager visiting doctor who’s more business than medicine when he insists on uniformity in the O.R. But I think we all know that those two ain’t goin’ down without a fight. Stick it to the man, Webber. Stick it to the man.

Alex and Calzona (Am I the only one who ships that ship name?) are off cowering in a corner when a thirteen year-old would-be Olympic gymnast refuses to walk after her hip replacement surgery. Solve this riddle: How many doctors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Dr. Cahill’s ice queen exterior starts to melt (along with my hatred of her. Damn.) when she assists Dr. Hunt in saving a patient’s life. And after her monologue about how she’s saved countless of hospitals without so much as a thank you, part of me couldn’t help but hope she’d be sticking around for just a little longer.

And then comes the kicker a la Shonda Rhimes style. (Speaking of kicking, Baby Grey-Shepherd gave Meredith her first swift kick!) Just as Kepner and Shepherd spill their success all wide-eyed and flushed with pride, Dr. Cahill swoops in and shuts them down. Despite their feverish math, the ER will cease to exist…because the hospital is going up for sale. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse.

Paging Dr. Cahill. I take back my takeback, by the way. We are so back to pure and unadulterated.

Grade: A-



  • Jocko

    People really show their tremendous ignorance when it comes to Jehovah’s Witnesses and their beliefs. ABC in particular has raised this issue before (on “The Practice”) and completely distorted the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ stand on blood and our Bible-reasoning for that stand. Not only that, but these shows are aimed at ridiculing Jehovah’s Witnesses, when the medical field has actually lauded us for our stand and our efforts in promoting non-blood surgeries and surgical procedures. People may not agree with our stand, but at least educate yourself before ignorantly trying to criticize us on it. And no, our prohibition on blood transfusions does NOT “pretty much throw a wrench into any potential life-saving surgery”. Come on….

    • Olivia

      My apologies for offending you, Jocko. I’ll be the first one to admit that I know little to nothing about the religion, but I was commenting on the show’s take on it. The patient who was portrayed as being a Jehovah’s witness did pass away on the show, which is where the whole “pretty much throws a wrench into any potential life-saving surgery” comes in. In the show’s portrayal, it did end up costing him his life. But again, I apologize. Perhaps I should’ve researched this further.

      • Jocko

        Sorry, Olivia….my comments were not directed at you personally, but really more towards the entertainment industry as a whole when it comes to their ignorant attacks on our religion. We are not the ones who reject all forms of medical help in favor of simply sitting back and praying. Jehovah’s Witnesses will seek out the best treatments available from surgeons and doctors with the only caveat being we will not accept blood, per the Bible. The ABC network in particular is unashamedly guilty in distorting Jehovah’s Witnesses before the public, and this latest example in Grey’s Anatomy is just another in a long line of it. We just hate that their dishonesty leads some to the wrong conclusions.

  • http://Yahoo Ajay Styles

    I was offended by the comment that the paitent died because he refused the bollo transfusion. My father had a quadruple bypass surgery and the doctor that did the procedure did it with out needing a blood transfusion, and my father recovered quicker with out complications and no infections. I have had major surgires and never accepted blood and i did not die. so I think that to just assume you will die if you don’t accept blood is ignorant on everyones part…

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