Grey’s Anatomy Photos & Sneak Peeks: Catherine Avery Arrives in Episode 8.05

Clarissa October 12, 2011 0

In a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, airing on October 13, Catherine Avery comes to Seattle Grace. Avery, who is Jackson’s mother and a surgical genius, comes to the hospital to perform a groundbreaking transplant and the residents do their best to impress her and gain her attention.

Meanwhile, Alex and Arizona have to deal with a familiar patient who comes to the ER, which means their hands are tied with a confidentiality issue. Teddy decides to throw a dinner party for the couples in the hospital while under his current love-struck spell and Bailey makes a decision regarding her own love life in this episode.

Guest stars for this episode include: Daniel Sunjata as Eli, Jason George as Ben, Debbie Allen as Catherine Avery, Mason McCulley as Ryan and Robert Hoffman as Chad.

Below are four sneak peeks for the October 13 new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.