Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Bailey Becomes the Center of a CDC Investigation

Grey's AnatomyIt’s certainly been a long break, but the wait is finally over! Grey’s Anatomy is back with only three all-new episodes’ left until the much anticipated season finale in May. Before the finale storm hits Seattle, another one is about to unleash tonight — only this one is coming down on Dr. Bailey herself with all the force of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Dr. Bailey has never been one to get into any sort of trouble when it comes to performing her job, however, that is going to change as she will become the center of a CDC investigation surrounding the deaths of several patients. In the past, Seattle Grace doctors always stood together, but this case causes tension to arise in the hospital and, most importantly, with the newly established Grey Sloan Memorial board. All of her friends are now her bosses and as much as Meredith will try to help, Jackson seems to impede the process and lets the investigation run its course.

Those all of us who know Bailey, know that she isn’t one to sit back when one of her patients is still in a bad condition. And that’s just what she does. Even when knowing that she should cooperate with the CDC, she attempts to find the means to check on her patient. Under normal circumstances, Bailey would follow instructions to the letter, but being that she’s on the other side of the investigation and probably feeling that everyone is against her, her ego starts kicking in. Poor Miranda, where’s her husband when she needs someone to lean on?

Meanwhile, Meredith decides that she’ll want to deliver her baby boy naturally but knows that when she begins to scream, Derek will pump her full of drugs — which is why she asks Christina to be on her side. But, Christina being Christina, thinks it’s much too gross for her to watch.

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And, as if having the CDC in the hospital is reason enough for stress levels rising, stress levels become sky high for Alex — only this is more on the emotional side of things because Jo is planning on moving in with her boyfriend, something that affects Alex deeply. But leave it to Yang to tease him about his unspoken feelings for Jo. I’m thinking he should say something, right? Let’s hope that he opens up to her sooner rather than later.

Will the CDC clear Dr. Bailey?  How do you think the doctors should react?

Check out the promo below and don’t forget to watch tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode “Sleeping Monster” at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.



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