Katherine Isabelle Joins Cast of Hannibal for Season 2


You may not know the name Katherine Isabelle off the top of your head, but we do. She often stars in (good) underground horror movies. The cult films, Ginger Snaps and American Mary are both awesome indie horror films she’s starred in. I guess those movies must have laid the ground work for her, as Katherine Isabelle has joined the cast of Hannibal for its second season. Trust us, she will be a great fit for the show. Beautiful, and oddly mysterious, we cannot wait to see just how juicy her role will be on this creepy show.

Kathrine Isabelle will play Margot. A potential love interest for Agent Will Graham. What we know for sure is that Margot is messed up seeing as to how she is a former patient of the good doctor. That is all we are be given, and the rest is vague. Oh, and it is said she will stick around for four episodes. Well, well. That kind of says it all, don’t you think? Four episodes is not a very long life span on Hannibal. Safe to sat her storyline may end in some screams and some bloodshed. Judging by her films, that is just why they cast her.

Thanks to TV Line for the story.

[Photo via  Evan Agostini/Getty]

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