NBC Says Hannibal Will Return in February

Paul December 20, 2013 0


NBC is creating a “genre block” on Friday nights this winter. At first, it will be Grimm and Dracula from 9 to 11 PM on Friday, which will then be replaced by new pirate drama Crossbones alongside season two of Hannibal come midseason. Hannibal will premiere February 28th after the Winter Olympics, and will have a 13 episode second season.

It’s good and bad news. It’s great Hannibal is returning and premiering midseason is actually a pretty good sign. But I’m forever worried about any show that runs on Fridays, as it almost has no chance to succeed ratings-wise, and the slot is usually viewed as a death sentence to unwanted shows, only followed by Saturday night’s as a worse spot.

But does NBC know what they’re doing with this “genre block”? I get that they’re going for a consistent “horror-ish” theme, but again, Friday is kind of a bummer. Perhaps this wouldn’t be happening if their schedule wasn’t as full from the Winter Olympics, but who knows.

Even without seeing Hannibal’s second season, I really hope it gets a third, judging from the quality of its first stretch of episodes.

[Photo via Brooke Palmer/NBC]