VH1 Lands Happy Endings In Off-Network Deal

Remy Carreiro December 10, 2013 0

happy endings

Happy Endings is one of those shows that has amassed a real cult following. Fans of the show are fevered, and speaks it praises anytime they can. Well, good news for fans of the show. VH1 landed Happy Endings in an off-network deal. While that may sound fancy and confusing, I can put it in simple terms. VH1 is going to be having some Happy Endings, all-day marathons coming. There, that’s better, right?

Starting on December 31, VH1 will be airing a marathon of all 57 episodes of Happy Endings, back-to-back. Hollywood Deadline has the details of the deal, but the long and the short is, we all should celebrate that VH1 landed Happy Endings. This actually means we will be able to see and revel in this awesome show that was cut short way too soon, and for no good reason.

A side of extra good news? There will even be full episodes of Happy Endings available on the new VH1 app, so you can even watch episodes on your phone  if you are ever in a rush. Not that we recommend that.

So maybe this show didn’t get the life it deserved, but we are grateful it will find its legacy with the help of VH1. Wow, a happy ending for Happy Endings. The irony of that is not lost on us.

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