Hart of Dixie 3.14 Review: “Here You Come Again”

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Welcome back to Bluebell!  After a six week hiatus and a move to Friday nights, it feels great to have Hart of Dixie back.  This Southern charmer brought the laughs in this episode, but did you expect anything less?

The Breeland sisters are back!  That’s right, Lemon and Magnolia returned home with a few secrets in tow.  Lemon’s secrets were obviously more comical, as she landed herself in jail and called Wade to pick her up in confidence.  If I was her, I’d have at least called George since he is a lawyer and all.

What Lemon didn’t know was that George was actually busy helping her little sister with her own dilemma.  Magnolia has been gone most of this season after Brick sent her to a boarding school, and wouldn’t you know that she got kicked out for stealing the dean’s car.  That seems a little too rebellious for the innocent Magnolia we once knew, and it’s a shame she won’t be sticking around Bluebell for the rest of the season.  Brick comes off as unnecessarily harsh when he finds out the truth and sends her packing to live with his mother (who Lemon just got done nursing back to health).  I get that it’s probably contractually/financially an issue with keeping the actress on the show, but boarding school and now grandma’s house sound almost lazy to me.

Oh, and did I mention that Lemon has two boyfriends now?  She’s essentially a changed woman from the proper Belle we met at the beginning of the series, and she couldn’t be funnier!  She’s too busy scheduling visits from her new beaus, Carter Covington and Enrique, to care that she might end up hurting someone in the process.  They both find out about each other by the end of the hour, and it looks like next week they’ll literally fight for her honor in Bluebell’s equivalent of a Renaissance fair.

Zoe’s mom Candice announced that she’d be moving from New York to Alabama to stay close with her only daughter, much to her dismay.  We learned more about Zoe’s childhood, always being an afterthought to her mother who was always too busy  being a publicist to the stars.  Even now she was still name dropping celebrities as she vowed to take Zoe on as a client in order to gain her half of the medical practice back from Brick.  She really did go too far with implicating that Brick took the practice from Zoe when in fact Zoe handed it over to him at the end of last season.  Luckily Zoe finally put her foot down and her mother left to go back to New York.

With Zoe and Wade still in their relationships to Joel and Vivian, Annabeth and Lavon have been my favorite couple, and nope, I still haven’t lost hope for them yet!  Annabeth caught up with Lemon, including her own dirty secret that she not only rejoined the Belles but she’s a co-leader with Crickett.  Lemon was even sympathetic to hear of AB and Lavon’s breakup.  Since that breakup was mostly Lavon’s fault for not being confident that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Annabeth, I’m happy to see that he’s taking it the hardest.  That’s why I haven’t given up on the theory that they will be back together and engaged sooner or later!  Anyway, Lavon is moping around town and he throws himself into event planning after the last couple of parties (Zoe’s birthday, Lemon’s welcome home) were the only things that cheered him up.  I hope we get to see some of his ideas for the town happen, like the pet fashion show or fondue festival.

I will admit that I was initially nervous about this move to Friday nights since that’s often thought of as a death sentence for shows.  It turns out this might not be so bad after all.  Zap2It reported that this particular lineup on the CW of new Whose Line Is It Anyway and Hart of Dixie was actually the ” CW’s most watched Friday night since 10/12/12.”  It makes sense considering there’s far less competition on other networks compared to Monday nights, even though a good chunk of the target audience are probably out by that time on a weekend night.  It’s probably safe to assume that a renewal for a fourth (and final?) season will be announced when the time comes in May, if not sooner.

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