Hart of Dixie 3.18 Review: “Back in the Saddle Again”


Hart of Dixie ran the gamut of romantic relationships in this latest episode.  There was a terrible first date, an eye-opening second date, the blissful beginning of a new relationship, and the potential beginning of the end of a previously stable relationship.  Throw in some jealous ex-boyfriends and an act of teenage rebellion and you’re all caught up on the happenings in Bluebell.

Zoe accepted a dinner date with a guy who turns out to be very obnoxious and full of himself.  Needless to say, that didn’t last long but it drove her to make a surprising decision to sell the house she and Joel bought together.  It’s a shame that the house was her last tie to Joel, and after all they went through with the renovations, I wish she had at least bought him out of it and lived there by herself.

Lemon ran into Peter, her Halloween one night stand that once seemed so promising.  She invites him to her house for dinner but that quickly fizzles out as she realizes there’s no future with him.  They probably could have had a much happier ending if Rob Buckley wasn’t signed on for a new show (and you know, if Hart of Dixie was officially renewed.)

At least Zoe and Lemon are kinda friends now after all these years.  They both previously only had Annabeth as their closest girlfriend, but since AB was too busy with her new boyfriend, Zoe and Lemon really had no other option but to talk to each other.  It was a nice change to see all 3 ladies chatting together in the end.

Speaking of Annabeth, she and Davis are dating after he finally worked up the courage to out himself as her secret admirer last week.  In such a small town, of course Lavon hears that AB is dating again.  He doesn’t take it lightly, and he lets his paranoia distract him from winning the bid to host the Alabama county fair in Bluebell.  He also managed to make things even more awkward with AB in the process after he showed up drunk at her house accusing her boyfriend of only using her to distract him just in time for his pitch to win the county fair.

Strangely enough, Lavon wasn’t the only jealous ex-boyfriend this week.  He couldn’t fully shake his lingering feelings for Lemon after they had that one crazy night last week.  I really hope he doesn’t pursue Lemon again though because they truly are a disaster when they’re together.

Wade and Vivian’s relationship has been amazing for Wade’s character this season.  He’s really matured and settled down with Vivian, but things aren’t looking so great anymore.  He met her ex-husband Charles last week, and Charles didn’t come off as jealous of his relationship with Vivian at all, just understandably concerned about their son having another man in his life.  Now there’s an obvious distance between Wade and Vivian as she’s distracted by texts and videos from Charles, updating her on Harley’s accomplishments at the batting cages or whatever sport he was playing.  Wade’s trying not to take it personally but there’s definitely trouble in paradise when he found out that Charles spent the night at her house (on the couch, of course.)  I have to admit that I feel bad for Wade.  This isn’t necessarily the end of Wade and Vivian, but there’s rocky times ahead for sure.  I can only imagine how awkward their eventual breakup will make Wilkes family parties for Zoe in the future, if/when she and Wade get back together.  Hopefully Wade and Vivian end things on good terms and they can all be friends.

Last but not least, Magnolia drove Brick crazy when she showed up in Bluebell on her way to what she claimed was a party at Carter Covington’s house in Charleston, SC.  Obviously that would trouble any parent that a 30 year old man is inviting a teenage girl to his house, so Brick makes the trek out to South Carolina to visit a very confused Carter Covington.  It turns out Magnolia lied just to get Brick out of their house where she could actually throw her supposedly annual “Dad’s out of town” house party.  What followed wasn’t another punishment, but instead an agreement to find her another boarding school.  I honestly forget the writers’ reason for sending her off to boarding school at the beginning of this season, but it’s all pretty silly to me.

What did you think of this episode?

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  • http://sceneontv.tumblr.com Darci

    It is pretty painful to watch Wade attach himself to Vivian like a little puppy and see just how little the relationship means to her. I don’t know who I blame more, Wade for being this blinded or Vivian for letting this go on.

    Anyway Hart of Dixie has killed it this season when it comes to music and I really liked Kyle Neal’s performances in this episode at the Wine Box. Both the songs (“Let You Go” and “If You Wanted Me to Stay”) were really great, but it was so awkward during “If You Wanted Me To Stay” when Lucy hits on Wade and he turns it down.