Hart of Dixie 3.21 Review: “Stuck”


Wedding fever was at an all time high on Hart of Dixie this week.  Between a proposal, a vow renewal, and not one but two weddings, Fancie’s became the most sought after venue in Bluebell.

First up to announce his new engagement to Sylvie Stevens was Zoe’s Uncle Brando.  Earlier in the season Zoe set Brando up with Joel’s visiting grandmother, and apparently she’s got Cupid’s magic touch.  She’s so confident about her matchmaking skills that she takes Earl Kinsella under her wing when he confesses that he’s head over heels in love with someone whom he’s never even talked to yet.  It turns out he’s been crushing on the local health inspector/ballroom dancer May Ellen Waterloo so much so that he’s even sobered up over the last month.  Wade isn’t buying this act and refuses to help Zoe with his own father, but she chooses to believe that Crazy Earl isn’t so “crazy” anymore.

What this all really means is that next week is probably Brando and Sylvie’s wedding, which could get interesting if Vivian and Joel come back to town.  It’d make the most sense to see Vivian again, but I don’t know if Joel would be able to get away from his duties in London on such short notice.

Lemon’s responsible for fast tracking this wedding after she realized she needs some pictures of past weddings held at Fancie’s in order to convince a high-profile bride to book her reception there.  She no sooner bribes Brando into rushing the wedding by offering a huge discount when word of such a discount reaches Meatball and Lily Anne Lonergan, another newly engaged couple.  Meatball and Lily Anne are perfect for each other, by the way.  I’m surprised this is the first we’re hearing that they were ever even dating.

Annabeth, knowing that Lemon is in desperate need of photos for the new Fancie’s website, hears that Cricket and Stanley want to renew their vows so she has them book Fancie’s for this coming weekend too.  Annabeth wasn’t even expecting her own surprise proposal planned by Davis and Lemon.  Poor AB has to realize that this was an ironic sign from the universe that Lemon’s restaurant went up in flames the moment Davis popped the question.  It is way too soon, but also he’s just not the right guy for her.

Much to Lemon’s dismay, her grandmother was in town to “confront her with the cold hard truth of her spinsterhood.”  She’s pushing for her granddaughter to go on a cruise for single people, but Lemon is refusing to stoop to that level of desperation just yet.  Now with her restaurant out of commision for the time being, I can’t help but wonder if the season finale next week will end with Lemon boarding this cruise after all.  It wouldn’t be the first time she’s left town, and hopefully she learned from the last time she was away and came back with two boyfriends.

Zoe and Wade are both single again and almost on the same page, but of course nothing is ever easy in life or in fictional TV worlds.  Wade got a proposal of a different sort.  A business woman visited the Rammer Jammer after that famous blogger wrote about it and offered him an opportunity to franchise the restaurant.  She wants him to open another location in Atlanta first and eventually turn it into a nationwide chain.  I can understand the appeal that Wade sees in moving to Atlanta after he’s had a tough couple of breakups over the past year in Bluebell.  He definitely deserves this success and the chance to do exactly what Zoe’s done time and time again, and that is leave Bluebell.

In the preview for next week’s finale, Zoe declares her love for him but I honestly don’t want him to stay just because she’s finally ready.  I do want them to be together but it would be totally unfair of her to expect him to drop everything just to be with her.  Maybe this time she can choose to go with him?

How are you hoping this season ends?  A Zoe/Wade reunion is inevitable, but what do you think about Annabeth and Lavon getting back together too?

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  • Matthew

    Its the trope of her finally declaring her intentions at the last second, and it would be turned a bit on it’s head if she went with him for an extended break. Then of course we have the Zoe’s neurosis in leaving her patients/ getting on the outs with Brick again and so on.

    Nobody else noticed the look Annabeth had on her face after Wade left with the pretty lady? You could tell exactly what she was thinking about that…

    The fact that you did not mention the Street sign part of the episode shows well really.. how well it fitted into the episode. it just didnt and the show is SERIOUSLY struggling to find things for Lavon and George to do. They are just aimless.

    • Jen

      You’re definitely right about Lavon and George. I’d argue that George is even worse off because Lavon’s at least been entertaining with all his festivals and parties, but this storyline was a season low even for him. George is just hopeless. I did see a description of the season finale and these two meet Don Todd, so I’m really looking forward to that!

      • Matthew

        Lavon and his festival binge started as his ‘recovery’ from breaking up with Annabeth right?

        George issues stem from the fact that the writers are having to concoct reasons for getting him in the storyline.

        A) Him putting up the money for Fancies as a ‘silent’ partner. I honestly dont even remember how Lemon blackmailed him into this. Does anyone else?

        B) Him seeing the wayward church daughter. Who disappeared again. I cant really even explain what happened there.

        C) Him and Tansie. Again she breezed in and out. Or replaced Tansie with Lilly Ann.

        The Issue with this show is once it decided to be an ensemble show and not just about Zoe Hart then it struggled to find things for characters to do. Zoe occasionally is at the Doctors Surgery in the show. You can blink and miss seeing George in his office.

        • Jen

          Yeah, Lavon’s surprise party for Zoe, Renaissance Faire, etc all at least gave the supporting characters their time to shine. That’s partly why I love the show so much. Seriously, Tom and Wanda are more interesting than George has been in a long time.

          I don’t remember the specifics of how Lemon got George to buy the restaurant either. It probably was just the writers’ excuse to keep George involved like you said.

          You forgot about his almost-fling with Lily Anne’s lawyer! She was there for 2 episodes and that just got dropped too.

          • Matthew

            See I had forgotten all about the Lawyer. Thats how memorable it was. You remember it better because you have to for the review!. Sometimes I think the case is possibly one too many.