Hart of Dixie Photos & Promo: Christmas Comes to Bluebell in Episode 10

Hart of Dixie Episode 10In this week’s Hart of Dixie, Bluebell celebrated their own version of Thanksgiving. The town puts a pirate’s spin on the holiday and created Planksgiving. Unfortunately, Zoe wasn’t really in the holiday mood when Brick sabotaged her ability to bring in 30% of the practice’s billings, so her ownership of the practice was threatened. She scrambled to treat some additional patients and ended up diagnosing a young boy and saving her portion of the practice.

The Tuckers came to Bluebell to announce that George’s brother was going to resign from the family law firm and ask George to replace him. Lemon was clearly unhappy about the possibility of spending time outside of Bluebell, especially the possibility of spending more time with the Tuckers. But Mrs. Tucker pretended to befriend Lemon but it was just a scam to get George to do what the Tuckers wanted. Lemon learned the truth and took out her revenge on her evil in-laws.

The midseason finale of Hart of Dixie will be airing on December 5 and the town will be celebrating another holiday: Christmas. Christmas brings the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant and Zoe encourages Rose to enter the pageant. Unfortunately, Magnolia is also entering the pageant and is a shoo-in to win. With Zoe coaching Rose and Lemon coaching Magnolia, the rivalry between the women heats up. We’ll also be getting flashbacks to learn the history of Lemon’s relationship with her mother and Lavon and Lemon’s first real connection.

Hart of Dixie will return from its midseason hiatus on Monday, January 23. For more CW midseason return and premiere dates, click here.

Watch a trailer below for the December 5 episode of Hart of Dixie.

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