Scott Caan Joins Cast of ‘Hawaii-Five-O’ as Danny Williams

The Hawaii-Five-O remake has finally found it’s Danny “Danno” Williams in actor Scott Caan. Caan is the son of actor James Caan, and no stranger to great television or movie roles. Most recently Caan has been seen in Entourage, playing a competitive co-worker of Eric at a Hollywood management firm. He’s also well known for his roles in all three of the Ocean’s movies.

Scott Caan’s Danno will be a recently divorced father who transfers from the Baltimore Police Department to Hawaii in order to be close to his daughter. His partner in the series is Steve McGarrett, played by Alex O’Loughlin. Also joining Caan in the series will be Daniel Dae Kim of Lost fame playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly, Taryn Manning, who will play Mary Ann, the younger sister of Steve McGarrett, and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua, a new Hawaii State Police recruit straight out of police academy and the niece of Chin Ho Kelly.

With the casting rounded out and show runners Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Peter Lenkov (CSI: NY) moving ahead full steam with the pilot, this could be one great new remake.

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10 thoughts on “Scott Caan Joins Cast of ‘Hawaii-Five-O’ as Danny Williams

  1. This new Hawaii 5-0 is going to be awesome! Alex O'Loughlin is a very talented and charismatic actor, not to mention drop dead gorgeous! CBS seems to have picked the best of the best for this one…I can't wait!!!

  2. Great addition to this show. I know that this will the best new show next season. I can not wait to see Alex O'Loughlin in a show that will truly display his great talent!

  3. I'm not happy. Michael Shanks was up for the role of Danny Williams. He would have been fantastic, but CBS chooses Caan. Sorry there is no comparison. Why do they have to bring in the women? There was no sister or niece in the original. They are unnecessary.

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