Game of Thrones Set Another Ratings Record This Weekend


We are at a time and place in society when people mention HBO, TV fans smile. The cable network has just climbed the ranks over time and become the must-see station for all fans of good drama and thrillers on TV. If you want solid proof of this, look no further than the numbers HBO pulled in on Sunday. 7.2 million viewers. I would ask you to fathom that number, or picture it, but your brain cannot. That is just how high those numbers are.

So it was a mix between Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley that did it. It seems HBO has just finally found a perfect Sunday lineup. Veep is constantly hilarious with a brilliant cast. Silicon Valley is, well, same thing, truthfully. And Game of Thrones? Well, that is the massive dragon flying over head, roasting all the competition with little effort. Dare I say, season four of Thrones has been the stuff of legend so far, with each episode surpassing the last. I cannot even imagine where this season will culminate. I will already predict these numbers will be fairly consistent over the next few months. HBO came to the court with their A-game, and Sunday night is their “home game”. You know, the better team NEVER loses on its own court.

So kudos to HBO. The truth is, they deserve it. The programming that channel puts out is leagues above anything else out there. This makes Netflix very, very unhappy….

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