Surprise, Surprise: Game of Thrones Premiere Crashes HBO Go


HBO might have gotten themselves in a bit over their heads with HBO Go, their companion streaming service that allows users to watch their shows whenever, wherever. Rather than simply DVR the Game of Thrones premiere last night, many consumers wanted to watch it on Go instead. The result? The service was glitching and crashing all night due to massive demand.

This also happened during the hugely watched finale of True Detective a few weeks ago. This time around, this is what HBO had to say:

“Having trouble accessing @HBO GO? Send a raven. @GameOfThrones will be available soon on HBO On Demand with some cable providers.”

It seems demand for their service is starting to outstrip their capabilities. Though it’s meant to be a competitor, something like Netflix has much better infrastructure than HBO Go, and as such rarely crashes when it’s being used en masse, like when say, House of Cards premiered. HBO needs to devote more resources to getting Go working properly at ALL times, particularly when its users need it the most.

[Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO]

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