Honey Boo Boo on Dancing With the Stars? Pro Says: Hell No

Jon Lachonis December 6, 2012 1

When Honey Boo Boo grows up, stories like this will dog her everywhere she goes.  Why do television producers continue to do this to children?

It should surprise no-one that the meanies at TMZ are somehow involved in this.  They took a break from mocking seriously ill senior citizens to turn a run in with Dancing With the Stars‘ Karina Smirnoff into an opportunity to bash America’s favorite red-neck child, Honey Boo Boo.

When TMZ’s ‘journalist’ ran into Smirnoff, the most pressing question they could think of was whether or not Honey Boo Boo would ever be invited to Dancing With the Stars.  Hey, she has more celebrity cred than Bristol Palin, why not?

“I don’t think that should happen.” Smirnoff said, in a soul-crushing dead-pan voice. What about Honey Boo Boo’s mom? Mamma June? “No … I think we’re pretty good with the people we have on the show.”

Now wait just a minute.  Honey Boo Boo is clearly too young, but who doesn’t think Mamma June would be marketing gold for Dancing With the Stars?  Can you imagine June grinding it on the dance-floor with Honey Boo Boo rooting her on from the bleachers.  Picture June getting her signature score, all 1′s across the board for a 3, and Boo Boo waddling from the bleachers to cuss out Len. TV Gold my friends, TV Gold.

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    Okay so when you have Bristol plain on the show because her mom is famous that’s a bad idea. But when you bring in a fat tub whose daughter barley is famous its a good idea. Trust me I have loved every season from the begging even when I don’t know who the people are. But if the producers let honey boo boo or her mother onto that dance floor they may as well be killed because that my friend is a bad idea. Karina is right the cast is fine. They always bring in good people sheathed they are good or not. Just letting my opinion be heard soon hate because I know people do that just to start drama.