NBC Resurrecting Heroes for “Heroes: Reborn”

The most significant thing to happen during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics was the fact that NBC dropped a rather large bomb. Heroes is coming back to life.

The infamous superhero show will live again as a 13 episode miniseries called “Heroes: Reborn” with creator Tim Kring at the helm. While it is a miniseries, the project is likely formatted this way to gauge interest, like CBS did with Under the Dome. If it’s popular, expect that Heroes may come back for good.

The show famously had a rather excellent season one, but took a nosedive in quality after that, and remains one of TV’s biggest cautionary tales. The question now is how exactly Reborn will be formatted. Will it be an entirely new cast with important players like Hayden Panettiere busy with their own new shows? Will some actors return but not others? Most importantly, will it still suck?

It’s hard to believe that out of all the dead shows that could be given new life, Heroes has been picked up for a second chance given how badly it fumbled three full seasons. I’m somewhat excited at the idea, but more skeptical than anything else. Hopefully we’ll hear more info soon, but the show isn’t coming until 2015.

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