Homeland Adds F. Murray Abraham and Sarita Choudhury as Series Regulars

homelandHitfix is reporting that Homeland has upgraded two of its guest stars to series regular status. Beginning next season, Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham, who plays retired black-ops specialist Dar and Sarita Choudhury, appearing as Saul’s estranged ex Mira, will play more of a part in the grand scheme of the show. Given how Saul is now the acting director of the CIA following the bombing, he’ll be more taxed than ever, which could lead to him leaning on Mira for support. Additionally, Adal could (and likely will) be brought out of retirement now that several key governmental figures have met such an untimely fate.

Not much is known about the third season of Homeland other than it picks up in the aftermath of the bombing with Brody being named the most wanted terrorist in the world, with a manhunt imminent. Meanwhile, both Carrie and Saul will be trying to sort out the extreme emotions that have arisen since the bombing, as well as a media and political firestorm that threatens to swallow the both of them whole. Yet to be determined is where Brody ended up after he parted ways with Carrie, the amount of time between the second season finale and the third season premiere, and the status of players like Peter Quinn. As the season draws nearer, though, more information should become available and the state of the Homeland world will then appear much clearer than it is right now.

The third season of Homeland premieres Sunday, September 28th at 9:00 on Showtime. You can check out a recap of the second season finale here.

Are you looking forward to what seems to be a more Saul-heavy season of Homeland? How will having Mira and Dar around more impact his duties as acting CIA director? What would you like to see from the next season of Homeland, in terms of either plot or character?

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