Homeland Episode 11 Review: The Vest

Last week on Homeland I was certain that Carrie’s adventure to the hospital would crack her mental issues wide open. This week, that came true. Wow – I had absolutely no idea that she would be so manic without her medication. Of course, I knew she was in trouble and hiding it for her CIA clearance, but this was really beyond my expectations.

Poor Saul. Carrie’s breakdown literally slammed him against the wall. He was torn between wanting to help her and wanting to run from her as fast as he could. I can’t say I blame him, just watching her was making me want to rip my hair out. Another testament to the incredible acting skills of Claire Danes that she made the break so compelling. In lesser hands, it wouldn’t have had the impact on the viewer, and Mandy Patankin would have had a more difficult time being so visibly affected. That Homeland was so brilliantly cast makes it come alive.

Even in her addled state, Carrie was saying things that made Saul take note. Nazir wasn’t the type for a sniper hit. He did things on a grander scale, and overlooking the forest for the trees could cause very unexpected consequences. “You wait, you lay low, and then you come to life.”

It’s ironic, isn’t it, that the man crafting a bomb vest for Brody was housed near one of the most sacred war memorials of our country? I grew up in Pennsylvanis, and have never been to Gettysburg. I wonder if there are pockets of insurgents in our most treasured historical areas.

I still can’t believe that Brody’s going to don that vest. I’m trying very hard to understand the mission of Homeland – is it to show that your homeland is created in your mind? That war is (duh) bad? That war creates a risk of Stockholm Syndrome that we can’t possibly understand? At this point of Homeland I can’t possibly believe that the man we see at home, loving his family and concerned for their future, that he could ever consider committing such a malicious act against his country and his family. To throw away some 30 odd years of life, love and belief for the loss suffered by his captor.

Yet the quick change of Brody toward his daughter when she felt the need to see that package he “bought for his wife” at the drugstore, that wasn’t a man I want around my children. His ability to turn on a dime is frightening. The video Dana caught of him, deep in thought at Gettysburg was haunting, but nowhere near as agonizing as what he did to Carrie.

With Carrie working behind the lines and without the government having (or not having, as the case may be) her back, what on earth will next week bring? I cannot wait to find out.

  • Daniel

    this episode of homeland was amazing. just watching carrie throughout the episode going crazy was great.

  • James Hartley

    i'm not saying that it wasn't fun watching Carrie go nuts, but to say that it was surprising is ridiculous. she is the one part of the show that made me want to tear my hair out All the time. it has been so obnoxiously and annoyingly obvious that she was crazy even With her meds, that it drove Me crazy that none of these supposed super smart spy geniuses around her didn't realize it? i mean c'mon, Saul is the biggest idiot of all. She tried to seduce him for an illegal surveillance for gosh sakes. this weeks episode really just annoyed the heck out of me. i knew from the moment that brody got the bomb that the nosy biatch of a daughter was going to do exactly what it was she did. only i suspected she was going to do it right at the motel that first night. the irony was that if anyone was acting out of character in this episode it was Her. Not brody. If anything brody has calmed down a million percent since he first came back. Yet she didn't become all suspicious and super savant in the beginning. She suddenly changes her demeanor from stupid teenage daughter who is self-centered and selfish, not concerning herself with anything But herself, to this super-slueth, even excessively aggressive biatch towards her dad. this behavior was Totally out of character for her. however, as i said, i knew that she was going to do exactly what she did in trying to open the package. then dumb a** brody, even after she so nosily tries to open it the first time, leaves the package Again in the garage when they get home. if the show kept going on the path it started, the daughter would have blown herself up in the garage with her boyfriend while Once again trying to open the package, while stupid brody was talking to carrie on the phone. all in all i thought it was a terrible episode, and was relieved that Finally carrie was locked up like the crazy person she is, but only because they had it thrown in their faces, as in, if it was a snake it would have bitten them. and lets' not forget how incredibly stupid it was in the first place for brody to keep a bomb in the trunk of his Families car while on a vacation with all of them, and then Continuing to leave it there even After the stupid daughter changed from her typical character of i don't give a sh*t about anything but myself, to this new attuning toward her dad's demeanor that apparently only She noticed. even though, as i said before, this is Completely opposite to her typical character throughout the entire series till now. oh, and now that i think back i suppose it was a lot easier and a lot less messy to do what he Actually did, but i thought for sure that when carrie called brody what he Was going to do was go over and kill her, and subsequently her dad and sister since they were both there also. once again, just further proof of why this moronic psychotic crazy person should have been not only revoked of her security clearance, and Definitely Not doing this job, but also locked away in a looney bin, cause i can't possibly be the Only one that was too stupid to see that she was Not functioning even With her meds. by this i mean the fact that she stupidly, even after her dads warnings, called the one person who her psychotically induced "color frenzied" findings were leading to. and so tipping off the once person that is the problem even before there was a chance for the good guys to discover it was him. they try to make her out to be some super spy who goes above and beyond, but the truth is that she is a super crazy lunatic whose above and beyond has been nothing but illegal, and has done nothing to move the case forward. if anything everything she did from the start hampered the investigation. she has been focused like a horse with blinders on one topic, and then something happened that made the real non-crazy cia/fbi figure out what was going on on their own. all she has done is sleep with the enemy say abu nazir about a half a million times and get herself blown up. oh and i forgot to say before i wish that the daughter would have blown herself up. just to put an end to this sick stupidity of a new character that she has suddenly become. in conclusion the one thing i hate most about the show and could do and even could have done completely without from the beginning is the main character carrie. i don't even like her as an actress. even though she hasn't even done any really great films to speak of, nothing Huge anyway, when people Do speak of her somehow she's this Super actress who is Way overrated.

  • James Hartley

    please excuse any miss written words, punctuation, and especially the many Many run-on sentences. i wrote a lot like carrie acted, haha. it is very late writing this and my hands type faster than my brain can stop myself sometimes. one correction i noticed while skimming through is that it should have read "the one* person that is the problem" i.e. brody himself

  • Igor

    This series is excellent really, it's refreshing and I think that the cast is impeccable.

  • Dave

    wow james wow…i guess your entitled to your opinion but come on..Daines was tremendous last night, great acting on her part. She and the whole crew has been great all season. This is one of the better written and acted shows on TV. And it isnt unrealistic that no one at the CIA knew she was bi-polar..to me she just seemed like an obsessed employee, one that fits in very well with the CIA..they NEED people like her lol

  • John W

    I'd be surprised if Danes doesn't win an Emmy next year.

    I'm also curious what they plan to do for season 2, assuming there is one.

    Carrie by all rights should be done and Brody looks like he's about to blow up, blow up real good.

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