What Goes On At Netflix During the House of Cards Launch

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There’s a rather interesting read over at Marketplace.org right now which is a behind the scenes look at what goes on at Netflix the day, hour, and moment they launch a hugely anticipated show like season two of House of Cards.

Unlike traditional cable which has to rely on archaic Nielsen ratings to get viewership info, Netflix sees live data of who is watching their shows, how they’re watching them, and so on. They scan for problems during launch as in, if no one watches the show when it launches, they know something’s up.

More interesting is that they can track watch data like:

“And we looked to [see]  if anybody was finishing in that amount of time,” Edberg said. “And there was one person who finished with just three minutes longer than there is content. So basically, three total minutes of break in roughly 13 hours.”

As much as I like House of Cards, that’s just insane. How long did it take you to finish season two, or are you not done yet? Is there ANY show you could binge watch for thirteen hours straight? I’m hard pressed to think of any.

Read the whole interesting article right here.

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