Hopes and Predictions for House of Cards Season Two

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Have no date on Valentine’s Day this year? Well, Netflix has your back, as that’s exactly when they’re launching House of Cards season two. The long-await second season of the show will drop all at once, as is typical with Netflix shows, and if you haven’t finished it by the end of the weekend, you’re not a true fan.

I liked the first season quite a bit, and have come up with a few predictions for the new season which you can read below. I’d also love to hear your own thoughts on what may happen, so post those in the comments. Spoilers from season one follow.

Frank Will Survive

Netflix sort of ruined this suspense by announcing that House of Cards had been picked up for season three before season two even aired. That leaves no chance of a hard finale which involves Frank Underwood dying. While shows like Game of Thrones will kill off their leads and  keep going, there’s no way House of Cards could go on without Frank, so he, and Spacey, will endure.

Russo’s Death Will Be Investigated Further

There’s simply no way that we’ll never hear another word about Russo’s death, and I think there are going to be more than a few people looking into it as the season progresses. Underwood will feel the heat if he thinks people are getting too close to realizing his involvement, but he’ll never be publicly accused of the crime as he will “handle it” before then.

Zoe Barnes Will Die

My hunch is that it will be former Underwood helper/f-buddy Zoe who will investigate Russo’s death further, as she and Underwood won’t be on the best terms. I predict by the end of the season, Underwood will have her killed in some way or another.

Claire Underwood Will Get Darker

She almost has to. Though she played politics with her non-profit, I was confused by the fact that while Frank is a pretty abhorrent person, Claire does very little wrong despite acting like she’s evil. It seemed like her core motivations were really just to make her non-profit do as much good as possible, though she does want her husband to continue acquiring more power. Expect her to get her hands dirty this season.

Underwood Will be President

If this entire show revolves around Underwood ascending to power, then he almost has to end this season as President after becoming presumed Vice President at the end of season one. I think much of this season will revolve around him managing to worm his way into the Oval Office. I don’t think he’ll go so far as to kill the President, but he’ll definitely create or uncover a scandal to try and get him out of office.

What about you? What do you think will happen?

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  • Blake Shrapnel

    I didn’t really like the “shocking twist” of SPOILER
    Underwood killing Russo. Although it was well within Frank’s morals, it seemed uncharacteristically risky for him, given the fairly low stakes.