House of Cards Gets Solid Return Date

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The reality is, Kevin Spacey has already pretty much confirmed a season three for Netflix front runner show, House of Cards.  For that reason alone we knew it was only a matter of time before we found out when we could watch season two of the critically acclaimed show. Well, good news for all the show’s fans who’ve been holding their breath now, waiting. . Mark you calenders. We have solid date, set in stone. Safe to say once it does, Netflix reputation as a “network to watch” will only grow and grow.

Hollywood Deadline broke the story, but Friday, February 14th, House of Cards second season will be available in its entirety on Netflix. In other words, remember how you watched the entire first season in two sittings? Yes, well, essentially, that is going to happen again. Will binge watching  become the bane of our generation? Honestly, it might. But right now, we are way too happy about this show coming back to even speculate on that.

If you had told us, years ago, that we would eventually have a show starring Kevin Spacey, we would have thought you a liar. Yet, here we are, just a few months away from the second season of House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. Safe to say TV may be the new haven for stars who just want to make a living without having to worry when the next script or next great movie will show up.

Good thing shows like House of Cards are as well written as any movie. Man, times they are a changing.

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