House of Cards Gets Third Season Green Light Already

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House of Cards just did something quite remarkable. It managed to get a green light for season three before season two has even aired. That may not seem too noteworthy, but let me explain to you how the business of television works. Most TV stars and show runners, genuinely don’t even know if they will have a job from one week to the next. Don’t get me wrong, shows like Game of Thrones know they are all set, but outside of that, even the best shows live in a constant state of limbo. So for House of Cards to get a third season before season two has even come out is nothing short of incredible. TV Line has more on the story.

But, make no mistakes about it, it’s deserved. House of Cards is a show quite unlike any other. First of all, the star power on the show is impressive. Just getting to see the amazing Kevin Spacey act on a regular basis is a gift to all of us. On top of that, the story lines feel like something you read out of a best selling book series. House of Cards is in a field by itself for the sole reason that it makes us feel like a fly on the wall. Like we are peering into lives far more powerful and important than our own, and in our own crazy way, that makes US feel powerful.

So huge props to House of Cards for locking down a third season before your second season even airs. You guys definitely deserve it, and we are genuinely looking forward to whatever it is you have in store for us next two seasons. This is one more nail in the other networks’ coffins, further proving Netflix has a real advantage over traditional TV right now.

[Photo via Jesse Grant/Stringer]

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