Netflix CEO Offers President Obama a House of Cards Cameo

Paul December 18, 2013 0


House of Cards isn’t just a popular show on Netflix, is popular all over Capitol Hill among those who actually govern our country. I’m not sure whether that’s cool, or terrifying. In any case, during a recent tech summit on the Hill to hopefully fix the Obamacare website, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings chatted with President Obama about the show.

“I’m just wondering if you brought advance copies of House of Cards?” Obama is said to have asked him. Hastings responded he hadn’t, but offered Obama a chance to do a cameo for the show in coming seasons. No word on if he accepted or not.

Given the current state of Washington politics, if Obama did accept the offer, I can see conservative headlines being “Obama Shirks White House Duties for Hollywood Cameo” or something like that. Sitting Presidents don’t usually appear in films. Just ask Bill Clinton when he was edited into Contact, and was reportedly quite sore about it.

That said, and Obama cameo would be pretty cool, though the series has its own president, so I’m not sure how that would work. Perhaps it takes place in the future ?

[Photo via Pool/Getty]