Three New Promos for House of Cards Season Two

House of Cards season two is only two days away now, and it should be no surprise that promotional efforts for the show are increasing as we get closer. Netflix has just released a trio of new spots for the show that they’re relying on the internet to spread around, because lord knows they won’t put them on TV.

The first above, is called “Welcome Back” and serves as an intro to the season. The next two below focus on the marriage between Frank and Claire, and then politics in general, both of which will be a huge focus of this season.

It’s pretty impressive how much they manage to pack in to these thirty second spots, and I feel like I know a lot more about the new season after watching them. Spoiler-free, of course. We’re going to have our own Sean Colletti reviewing the new season in 3-4 episode chunks. You kind of have to adapt to this new sort of release schedule, and individual episode reviews no longer feel like the best way to review a show you can, and are really supposed to, binge watch. Wouldn’t you agree?

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