House 7.08 “Small Sacrifices” Review

Was it just me or did this episode feel like it would never end?

Maybe my expectations were too high after last week’s amazing ‘A Pox in our House?’and that’s why this week’s ‘Small Sacrifices’felt like a yawn fest for me. I think we can all agree that this season has been very irregular quality wise, but I had honestly thought that, after they had finally delivered an excellent episode last week, things would take off from there.

Looks like I was wrong because ‘Small Sacrifices’was just plain boring. I feel like a broken record here when I say that things went wrong when House and Cuddy got together. I know the shippers will be more than ready to crucify me for that, but sadly, it’s the truth. Believe me, I wanted them to get together as well. All that dancing around each other for six seasons had to culminate in something. However, the approach they have taken to portray their relationship is completely ruining the show. House has been known for great medical mysteries and a very, very strong lead character and those seemed to have disappeared.

That’s exactly what went wrong in this episode and so many others this season. They seem to focus in the relationship and leave the rest in the background. This episode in particular, seemed to concentrate solely in the relationships of every character. Cuddy is still upset that House lied to her; Chase is still being a womanizer for God knows what reason, Wilson decides to propose to Sam again and Taub thinks his wife is cheating on him (which would serve him right).

In the middle of that, they tried to tell a story of a guy with an unshakeable faith that refused treatment because it was against his beliefs. That was the only semi-interesting plot in the episode and it was relegated to the background because the main focus was on relationships I honestly didn’t care about. The only relationship I kind of liked to see was Wilson and Sam because they finally showed him as something more than House’s love councilor. Other than that, I couldn’t care less that House and Cuddy were still fighting over something that has happened two episodes ago or that Taub was afraid his wife was cheating on him with someone she met online.

The sad thing is I know I should care. After all, that’s character development or an attempt at it staring me right in the face. But the way they have been handling it doesn’t make me even want to care. This is the infamous Moonlighting curse everyone always talks about: two characters that have great chemistry, great sexual tension, spend years dancing around each other, frustrating the audience, who wants them to get together badly. However, when they finally do get together, it feels like all that spark that drew us in, in the first place, is gone and it inevitably ruins the show.

And that’s exactly what is happening with House. I know a lot of people may disagree with me, but even I can’t deny that the show has seen better days. The ratings have been in a free fall since the season started and that never helps, even if it’s with an established, classic show like House.

Here’s hoping we will get something resembling ‘A Pox in our House?’in the near future because I’m not sure how much longer I can take this.

  • David

    I agree with your review… partially. I don't think the portrayal of House and Cuddy's relationship is ruining the show, but I can't say I'm pleased, either. They are trying too hard to inject drama into their relationship by creating contrived plot devices, which culminates with pretty much assassinating both characters in the process.

    This week's episode, however, simply didn't work and not just because of House and Cuddy's relationship, but Wilson and Sam's, Chase and the ever recycled God/Faith storyline.

  • Manuela Quadros

    To each his own. People need to realize that their opinions are what they are: opinions. It's a bit presumptious to say "… sadly, it's the truth." It certainly might be to you. I'm sure others will disagree. There isn't a right or wrong here.

    Personally, I was left disappointed by this episode, partially because I've been looking forward to it for months and it did not live up to the hype. I agree that the House/Cuddy relationship has not been handled well… for the past 3 episodes. This mini-arc was completely unecessary because it actually damaged both characters, specially Cuddy's. I disagree that the spark is no longer there, however, the lack of physical affection has been bothering me for quite a while. They should give a room for their relationship to properly develop in the background for a while. Those plot devices might appear interesting to the casual viewer, but they are a turn off for die hard fans.

    Pretty much I agree that nothing else worked. Wilson and Sam and their out of the blue break up, Chase as a womanizer and Taub's infidelity issues. It didn't interest me. Overall, the concept was pretty good, but, once again, poorly executed. That's been my major issue with the show for the past 2 and a half seasons.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you. And I needn't to comment why, because you know, uh? you know?! Serious now, I think that the human mind can be very fast to create ideas and etc, but some day, the creativity and the inspiration gets down. And it can be happening on House.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but I hope it becomes the HOUSE again

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