Photos: House 7.20 “Changes”

After taking a one week hiatus, House will be returning on Monday May 2nd for its first of four straight new episodes, culminating in its season finale on May 23rd. The team is still reeling from Thirteen’s return as well as the departure of Masters, so “Changes” won’t be a picnic for anybody involved. The jobs of House and Cuddy are threatened when Cuddy’s mom Arlene (Candace Bergen) tries to sue the hospital. What do you think she’s suing for? Could it be related to the treatment she received for heart problems in a past episode this season?

The problems for House’s team aren’t simply limited to potentially losing two members and shaky group dynamics. They have to treat a man with partial paralysis (guest star Donal Logue), so expect everybody to be especially on edge in “Changes”. There’s no doubt that House will figure out some way to cure Logue’s character (I’m curious how he got paresis in the first place and if that’s somehow connected to his winning the lottery), but I’m not as sure of what will happen with Arlene. House had used the final episodes of a season to really bring about change in its eponymous character’s life before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something major happens between now and the end of the season. Any guesses?

House airs its next new episode on May 2nd at 8:00. How do you view the body language between Cuddy and her mom in the photos? (It’s very standoffish and cold to me.) How do you think House handles the situation? Are you happy to see Donal Logue back on your television screen?

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