The Final Scene of How I Met Your Mother Was Filmed Eight Years Ago

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As we all know, How I Met Your Mother will be drawing to a close after this, it’s ninth final season. Few people thought the show would last THIS long, but the show creators had a feeling. As such, they were forced to film a key scene for the show years and years ago.

How I Met Your Mother centers on a man telling his kids the story of how he met their mother (duh), but as the show had gone on for so, so long, the kids have aged dramatically over the course of the age years. As the show became more popular, they realized they were going to have to film the climax before the kids got TOO old. The two (then child) actors filmed a two minute finale scene and forced to sign super secret confidentiality agreements so no one would ever know the ending until it was time. Actress Lyndsey Fonseca said she put it out of her mind so long ago, she doesn’t even remember what they filmed, so the secret’s safe with her, it seems.

What I don’t know is if the show will even use the scene. After all, it’s sort of been a running joke how old the kids are getting as the show has gone on. Why can’t the final episode just have them at their current age? Wouldn’t it be even MORE jarring to see them eight years younger all of a sudden? Though without knowing the content of the scene, I can’t say for sure. What do you think?

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